New to FI

  • Hey everyone I’m new to FI and was just looking for a little help/guidence. I’ve set aside £100 the invest at the moment just to see how it goes has anyone got any advice on who to invest on?

    Thanks , Frazer.

  • ah. The first rule of your own research.

    Not in a mean way. Just that its your money so always check and be happy when you choose a player and the reasons why......for IPD, Media Buzz, transfer speculation etc.

    If you look through the threads there are a fair few discussing low rated players (sub 40p thread), transfer rumours, and other tips.

  • Build a diverse portfolio and look for players in the sub £2 range that have potential to go up but without a recent sharp rise. Players over this amount will mean very small returns as you'll not be holding many shares.

  • Frazer, there is a pinned thread at the top of this forum. I'd suggest you have a flick through that and then the most important rule: be patient and the profit shall saunter in.

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