The Football Index Forum Awards 2018-19

  • The Football Index Forum awards for the 2018-19 season will only add to what has been fantastic so far and like most other seasonal awards in football, I've decided to throw this into the mix before the season does finish. As this is the inaugural Awards, there may be some categories or nominees that you feel haven't been included, in which case let us know and we'll see if they can be added. Otherwise, this just seems like a fun thread to clutter this place up a touch more. So, onto the awards and their nominees:

    Best Thread

    • Pogba- FI King - @Valhalla
      Possibly one of the threads that could run for years. Paul Pogba causes viewers and drop their jaws in awe, more often due to his lack of urgency in anything he does, to the odd sensational strike and even due to his dividend return simply for a hair cut and a new emoji. The Pogba- FI King thread currently has been going strong for 4 months now and is currently at 626 posts and over 60'000 views!
    • The Advincula Challenge - @dannypea
      In late September on a slow Friday night, Dannypea decided he would get 5 shares on an unpromising right wingback on loan at a terrible PB League from a Mexican team. On that night, a legend was born. Luis Advincula has since become one of the most well known names on this forum, hundreds of players bought thousands of shares in the Ferret and I have a Rayo shirt in my wardrobe that I bought online but is too small for me. The celebrations that shook Football Index will forever be remembered when in early 2019, Luis Advincula won PB on a single match day Monday. The thread may now be dead but at 314 posts and over 66'000 views, it will be remembered for a long time by many of us.
    • Tincan, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.....muppet - @Valhalla
      With 9 posts and 186 views, this is one of the clear underdogs for the award, however it gets nominated simply due to the fantastic name and the feel of community spirit it brings. Valhalla, with his second nomination in the category, outed "Tincan" as a muppet who was attempting to cause unrest on a wide scale to buy at a lower price. The forum is a better place for this spirit and for the wit involved in the name.
    • Will I have to wait until Easter for Jesus to rise? - @Dronny-Gaz
      What a name!! Hindsight tells us the biblically named Gabriel Jesus will still be waiting come the end of the season to have that major rise as Sergio Aguero continues to score, particularly at the business end of each campaign. However, there seems to be an annual inquest into whether Aguero is past it and Gabriel Jesus is the apparent heir to the throne. 2 months ago, Dronnygaz was one of the many wondering if this was going to be the year that Pep finally got Jesus in and with only 7 posts and 473 views, this is another underdog for the award.

    Services to the Football Index forum

    • @Misto
      Misto has created the Football Index Master Thread and the All Things Football Index thread during the 2018-19 season, with the latter even being pinned by admin and regularly updated. Always looking to offer advice and pump Piatek, Misto has certainly earned his place on this list.
    • @Advinculas-Index
      After initially starting with a kind of warm up tournament, Advinculas-Index has been the most popular forum game and probably more than most on Twitter, the FIFA World Cup. That's right, the Football Index Ferret Association! Updating an Excel spreadsheet which initially had 32 players picking 4 footballers each and pasting it onto the forum at least 4 times a day - and continuing to do so now that he has been eliminated by the imperious Keegan's Bluff - is massive dedication and he definitely deserves to be a front runner for this award.
    • @Ollie
      One of the calmer heads on the forum with an anecdote for every occasion, Ollie was always has had a more serious approach to forum issues, predominantly creating an alternative. There is nothing that boosts performance quite like competition and hopefully time will show that he has proven that, although there have already been suggested changes to the forum itself. On top of that, Ollie punts his game with chances to win cash and donate to needier and better causes on a daily basis. He's a fantastic personality and has done more than enough to be nominated for this award, especially at the expense of DanFI.
    • @ScouseSte
      The daily Footie counter has been and will forever be a myth to most of us mere mortals, however whilst not knowing exactly what it meant, ScouseSte popped up every evening to update the thread he had started on the subject. May not seem a massive commitment but he put in the hours that the rest of us didn't and kudos to him.
    • @Indexical
      For anybody who follows the Cheap Players thread, Indexical must be an absolute saint. His dedication and research of players under 35p in pre share split prices would be a full time job for most others and if anybody deserves a nomination and a cheeky profit, this is the man.
    • C Arroyo (just cannot tag him!)
      With some posters, you know what you're getting. C Arroyo has been posting essays since before I can remember. They are a fantastic read, blending his own opinions with finely placed facts and fantastic real life anecdotes that inform and entertain. He has also begun a daily thread where posters guess their PB tips for the day. It's interesting, competitive and takes the kind of commitment that rightfully gets him on the nominees list for Services to the FI Forum.

    Greatest Comeback

    • Zinedine Zidane
      Zizou left at the peak of his powers last summer after a 3rd Champion's League title. Who would have thought that after all the stress Lopetegui went through pre-world cup, that he'd have been out of a job by Christmas?! Anyway, sensational return for Zidane and they cannot be ruled out of the CL next season.
    • Bayern Munich
      Having started the season terribly under Kovac, the reigning champions have gone on a sensational run of form in the Bundesliga to all but guarantee the trophy going back to Bavaria with them again. Who knows when they will be truly challenged again!
    • Manchester United
      That away leg versus PSG certainly was ridiculous and Marcus Rashford had most people in the country biting their lip, their nail or their partner as we waited for him to run up. What a moment, what a comeback and highlighted by how poor Utd have been otherwise in this campaign. This was also done without any "first team" midfielders as well.
    • @Andy-M
      To some he is irksome and to some he is fantastic, he is one person who has definitely achieved FI Forum celebrity status. Whether he's pumping, advising a new user, arguing with Ringers/Dannypea/other or promoting FI in Sweden and Europe, Andy M is one of the most regular posters and well known names. After a falling out with a NewUser, Andy dramatically quit the forum. There was plenty of shock when he announced he was quitting the forum only to reappear days later as a NewUser himself, he sensationally returned, renamed himself Andy M and picked up where he left off but without his Wissam Ben Yedder futures. To slip back in exactly where he left off, this truly was an amazing comeback and makes him the outstanding favourite for this award.

    Best Newcomer

    It's been a busy season, there have been thousands of newcomers to the Index and to the Forum itself, therefore nominations must be made by the readers themselves. I would certainly throw @Ericali and @ScouseSte into the mix.

    Most Popular Poster
    The big one!

    • @Misto
      Undoubtedly, Misto is one of the most popular posters on the Football Index forum. At the thick of every big trend, he always seems committed to building better bridges between users on Football Index. His unquestionable attitude to the forum along with his apparent acquisition of a signed England shirt from Sir Geoff Hurst for the winner of the Football Index Ferret Association World Cup have put him right up with the highest front runners and with a reputation of 1.1k and 13 followers, the forum would be at a loss without him.
    • @Advinculas-Index
      For the poster previously known as Curious Horse, this nomination comes as acknowledgement of his creation, the FIFA World Cup and his intelligence and casual jokes within other threads. Only God knows how this man has the time to manage his own portfolio, but the forum now has the opportunity to vote him into greatness.
    • @johnboywalker
      The wily underdog, JohnBoyWalker pops up with nuggets of wisdom, sarcasm and pure brilliance. The only forum user with a higher reputation than "posts" count, he is simply known for regularly suggesting NewUsers take their newly created threads on the next Steve Marlet to be added to the Cheap Players thread and for chastising some of us for blatant pumps whilst mentioning Marco Asensio in the next breath! He acts as an unpatronizing but hilarious referee when the handbags kick off and he could very easily be the winner of this massive award.

    If anybody has any suggestions feel free to add them to the comments and we'll form an orderly vote in due course.

  • Hhahah brilliant. big up the effort in this post.

    Best thread
    Out of that list I think its gotta be tincan tailor soldier spy or a thread called tradealloveryourface which was a thread which blew up into a hilarious argument hilariously quickly. Was so explosive it had to be deleted.

    Services to the index
    Danfi ofc, what a legend. Doesnt give two shits about us panicking. The kinda gutsy no fucks given leadership I look for.

    Best comeback
    Can be none other than Andy M. Sound hilarious wish I had been there for it.

    Best newcomer
    Detective ste

    Most popular
    Johnny. Something about the way he spreads out his posts means i just have to upvote him. I dunno how he does it??

  • @Lukeroro Brilliant mate, absolutely brilliant.

    I'm not going to vote incase i cause an argument, get pissed off and have to leave again 🀣🀣🀣

  • Hahaha Luke this is brilliant mate, well in πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Pfft DANFI.

    I nearly choked on my banana daiquiri when I read that rebuke. Who'd have thunk it took no more than telling some troll to fuck off to get some attention.

    I'll have a think on my votes but services to the forum has to be Misto.

    He's put in some hours on coming up with excellent solutions to the forums limitations. A lot more than you can say for that DANFI punk.

  • Cheers gents.

    Yeah @Allams-Out the nomination maybe should have been for you for luring him out ahah

  • Honoured to be included in the role call. There is a great spirit on here and the FI journey wouldn’t be half as enjoyable without logging into the forum to witness the fallout and opinion when something significant happens.
    My personal favourite moment was during the share split announcement when the market came back online after the 30 mins suspension. The FI site had crashed and everyone had piled on the forum to find out exactly what was the announcement was. Then when it went LIVE the first messages came through β€œshit, I accidentally hit max buy and spent all my cash on Messi!” Or my favourite comment β€œ I just froze, and stared at all the pretty flashing green lights β€πŸ˜‚

  • Bravo to you making award list and all those mentioned. Much deserved, plus everyone else in the Forum which is making this Index so welcoming.

  • @Lukeroro Haha. Great thread. Enjoyed reading that with my coffee this morning. Thanks for the nod.

    If you want to run a vote, I would use It's the site I use for the annual Football Index User Survey. It's anonymous and you can add multiple choice and free type for others. It only lets you have 100 voters for free, but I just start a second one and add the results together myself to get the totals.

    I don't know why I always get involved with Piatek threads, I can't help myself. I would hope I give a balenced view on him. I'm just fascinated by him, luckily I heard about him in pre season and got on the IPO. It very rare for a player to step up in his first season in a true top flight league like he has. A very intresting story to follow.

  • Thank you for the mention!

    Sadly, he didn't rise.
    I lost my faith.
    I've now turned my back on Jesus!

  • I got a mention πŸ˜ƒ

    Andy has his uses!

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in The Football Index Forum Awards 2018-19:

    Thank you for the mention!

    Sadly, he didn't rise.
    I lost my faith.
    I've now turned my back on Jesus!

    Turn to Islam,
    Slimani back to Leicester and becomes a world beater under big Bren.

  • @C Arroyo not for having a username that the @ never picks up! But for running the PB game day tips thread- lots of hard work, adding a bit of fun and research and tips for anyone looking to add PB players to their ports.

    Can anyone get it to tag him? @C-Arroyo cheers @Misto

  • @Westy You got to add a dash for the space. @C-Arroyo I second the nomination

  • hahahahahahaha

    biggest upvote pump thread... defo lukeroro for this one!!! well done pal and well done for everyone nominated!!!! 2018/19 has been a great year for the FI forum!!!

  • @dannypea The time he put into writing this post deserves a fair few upvotes πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    See if you can get more upvotes than Fulham get points before 12th May, although Fulham are on a wee roll @Lukeroro πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • @Andy-M He's already beat Derby County's lowest ever Premier League points total of 11...

    I reckon he could get to Brighton like levels of 75% safety by the end of the day!!!!

  • Not forgetting Matt's Stats. I'm sure most users take note of them.

  • @Ollie Yep. Matt sends us the stat striaght to our email, once we sign up on his thread. No doubt if he just posted them to the forum, it would be one of the top threads every week. @Matt-FI is definitely a valuable member of the FI community.

  • @Westy and @Misto your recommendation of C Arroyo has been added. No doubt there was a recommendation from Westy as his score on C Arroyo's tips is ridiculous!!!

    @dannypea it's probably a mix of that (I'm newly single and the likes made me feel good) and I have too much time on my hands (I'm newly single and the likes made me feel good).

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