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  • Fairy new member to Football Index and have enjoyed getting to know how it works and how best to make money. I'd say my football knowledge is good (football manager addict) and i also have some experience with stocks so I am hoping this will be a fun hobby for the long run. I am currently at about 8% ROI in just over two weeks so happy with how things are going but was just wondering if theres any gems I've missed or anything wrong with my portfolio. My investment isn't significant so i've slowly realised capital appreciation might be the better strategy considering I can't get too many futures of the big names/dividend winners. Here are my current holds and why, feel free to give me any pointers/warnings and share your portfolios/biggest holds:

    Neymar - £7.88 - My biggest hold in terms of value. Been on a big downwards trend during injury and just coming back (goal and assist on first start back). From what i gather he's usually above Pogba and just gone below him so expecting/hoping he will continue to rise massively in the coming weeks, especially with all the MB during summer (Copa America and transfer rumours, as well as just being Neymar). Also surely one of the names that will rise most when the 1st and 2nd bonuses come in. If the reports are true and he could be off to Man City or Real Madrid i can see his price being well over £10 (especially City) as well as the natural growth as the platform grows over next season. From what i hear he was £20 pre-share split so if he can get anywhere near back to that this next year then i'm laughing. He's my biggest hope for large returns in the long run from capital appreciation and dividends.

    Kane - similar reasons and boosted by the reports today he will be back quicker than expected, hopefully making the champions league final (if they make it) and the nations league. Like Neymar, also likely to rise after the bonuses and natural market growth over the next season. Also, as his name is just Neymar, he is likely to see much larger scores in MB when he does make the papers (which is most days).

    Pulisic - Another player who is cheaper than he should be due to injury, he's been a gold mine so far for me and one of my first purchases. Still think he is extremely under-valued considering he is guaranteed some MB over summer for his Chelsea deal/pre-season and think a lot of people have forgotten he's only 20 years old yet and has huge potential, baffles me he's cheaper than the likes of Zaha, Jack Grealish and James Maddison (he's going to be starting for Chelsea!). Could easily be bringing in huge PB and MB next season with Chelsea looking likely to get Champions League and him being Hazards replacement.

    Bale - Seems a cheap price considering the player he is. Guaranteed MB all summer. A move to the prem and I think he will absolutely rocket, and even if he stays at Madrid he is likely to be playing with a better Real Madrid side than seen this season. Only doubt is some reports of a move to China but I am very doubtful that would happen.

    Reiss Nelson - Gone up 61p since i bought him and i wasn't surprised. Thought he was a bargain at £1.44 considering the likes of Sancho was £5+. A young, exciting, english attacker likely to start getting into Arsenals side next year and I've heard nothing but good things about him after returning from loan in the Bundesliga. Slightly riskier now at £2.05 but hopefully continues to rise as 19 years old and surely more potential than 23 year old Jack Grealish (£2.36!?).

    They are my main safer holds where I see little risk and mostly proven talents, however, i also have some young players who i think have more potential for big capital appreciation these next few months and next season:

    Lee Kang-In - £1.04 - My biggest hold in terms of future and another frequent name on the forum. a young, very skilful south korean who is starting to find his way into Valencias side as the season comes to an end. Huge potential for appreciation (especially if FI opens to Asia) and another youngster who is going to feature at the U20 world cup this summer. He's on most articles/lists i see of the next generation of superstars and I think next season/this summer will be his breakthrough. Links to big clubs this summer (£80m buy out clause!). Here's the article that sold me:

    Rafael Leao - £1.28 - Another 19 year old with huge potential I bought after seeing his name frequently mentioned on here. 8 goals 8 assists in 16 starts (7 more sub) appearances and starting to become a regular for Lille this season. Great record at previous clubs as well (6 goals in 7 for Sporting Lisbon II and 1 in 3 sub appearances for Sporting Lisbon). Also going to be playing for Portugal in U20 World Cup this summer. Here are three articles that sold me on him, one comparing him to Mbappe, one comparing him to Ronaldo,and one linking him with a big move to Barcelona, Everton or Man City.


    Willem Geubbels - £1.13 17 years old and already secured a £20m move to monaco last summer. Lightning fast, exciting winger who should start to break into the side next year (was starting to push for the first team before getting injured) and begin to rocket. With all the youngsters flying atm I think he's a safe bet to fly as soon as he starts playing again.

    Morgan Gibbs-White - £1.30 - Anyone who watches the poem will know this guy looks class and is increasingly becoming a part of Wolves' side. Young, English and seemingly has everything needed for a FI gem. Only doubt is his lack of goals so far but looks a very tidy player nonetheless.

    Tahith Chong - £1.09 - the next Mason Greenwood? should start to push for Uniteds first team next season and we know what that would do to his price. Sounds strange but i think his hair and personality will also make him very popular with traders and the media.

    Robert Skov - £1.13 - Im sure you've all seen him mentioned on here, great G+A return this year and links to big clubs this summer.

    They are my main holds, but also have less money invested in other youngsters who you've probably seen mentioned on here, such as Josh Sargent (19, Copa america and great scoring record for all clubs), Tchouameni (compared to yaya toure and already seen a small rise), Sandro Tonali (already quite 'hyped', watch his youtube highlights (dodgy source, i know) but looks like a cross between Pogba and Pirlo), Rayhaan Tulloch (17 and starting to push for West Brom side, who may be promoted - only 34p), Gianluca Gaetano, Victor Osimhen.

    I hope people don't see this as a 'pump' as I'm in this for the long run and have no intention of the 'dump'. Any advice, opinions, tips or sharing your portfolio - any gems i've missed?

    I've enjoyed reading the forum since i started and feel these posts really help, both in finding players to invest in and also in getting advice/tips.

  • Sorry, Neymar comment at the end of Kane's reasoning was obviously meant for Neymars.

  • I'm liking the tips mate! Definitely will add some of these to my watch list.

  • For someone else who's knowledge is also FM based I'm liking your holds and reasons why - good luck with it. Josh Sargent a good shout as well as Tyler Adams (don't know if they'll feature in the U20 World Cup or Cop America) but both look decent prospects in the Bundesliga.

    Started in October and also treating as a hobby as still prefer standard betting. Still getting used to the market/game although frustrating that the likes of Brooks and Leao dont get more/better recognition or appreciation.

    Hold a few young players but very few shares/futures (4-5). Have deposited £300 and have already withdrawn £57 and still in profit!

  • Ferran Torres, Carlos Soler, Viktor Tsygankov & Federico Chiesa are talented youngsters currently playing in their first teams whether they get the exposure is another thing. Otherwise young English players (e.g. Brewster) is another way to go especially if the usual suspects(Pogba, Neymar etc) are too expensive

  • Clearly a bloke who is on the ball here (pardon the pun). Reiss was a very good move, Bale will definitely this summer be going up and so will Neymar this season and the next (bigger risk with these of course). Any suggestions for stocks under the 50p margin?

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  • @albear83 exactly mate! Josh Sargent was my first buy and definitely one for the long run.

    I think we just have to be patient with the likes of Rafael Leao, we know the boom is coming but its not gonna happen overnight, and already seeing a slow rise anyway.

    Personally I think a lot of the young English players are very over-priced already and could be a bubble waiting to burst but certainly if you can get in early then you're flying. I've had a look at some of those you mentioned and a few are on my watchlist waiting for the bonus to come in.

    I am quite confident in my portfolio for the reasons above but also because I think this platform is a concrete idea that is just going to keep growing over the next year (especially with the x3 advertising budget) and so naturally the market will keep growing and most players should keep rising anyway (especially Kane/Neymar etc).

    Good luck bro

  • Cheers mate! Yeah bought into the hype of Hudson-Odoi partly due to FOMO but didnt wanna miss out as young English players do appear to overhyped - his injury didn't cost me too much. Completely agree about Leao (check out Soumare midfielder also at Lille, think they'll both be in for a big season next season) - waiting for my bonus to hopefully kick at the end of the April before putting more cash down - don't ever see myself putting down thousands at a time but can definitely see myself probably topping up after this summer when I get better at working out peaks and troughs and picking players who will tend to grow and getting rid of impulsive buys and instant sells!

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