Kieran Dowell

  • So he's upcoming, young and english they're the facts but is he any good?! Interested to hear from anyone who's seen him as I haven't but I'm considering throwing some cash his way asI've heard good things from blue mates and I've got a few hundred quid to spend before the end of the month for the bonus...

  • his name has come up a few times on here (i probably sparked it off last season) but remembering what he did in his year at Forest (43 games 10 goals) I have a lot of time for the lad.

    Very nice on the ball, not dissimilar to the Dutch lad de Jong at Ajax in looks and style... looks for the creative pass, decent from set plays, long range shooting is very good... very much a modern midfielder....

    Not seen him this year and perhaps too early to say whether he can cut it in the Premier League but he's quite gutsy and has quality so i wouldn't see why not within the right team???? Maybe more suited to a Norwich City or Bournemouth however than a Everton or Sheffield United???

  • @dannypea what is 'maybe more suited to a Norwich or Bournemouth than a Everton or Sheffield United' supposed to mean?

    Not meaning to be argumentative but we (Sheffield United) have played some of the best football in the Championship this season so not sure what you're getting at unless you are taking the stereotypical hoofball opinion that most fans seem to have of us despite not actually watching much of us.

    Dowell is a decent player but not had a run of games for us to make a decent judgement. I'd be quite happy for us to sigh him though.

  • @Stevo no disrespect in any of the styles.... Just mean a slower approach play perhaps where he can dictate as the dominant player... Everton get it back to forward and out wide pretty quickly and are perhaps better suited to breaking and working hard off the ball, wouldn't say Dowell is that great off the ball... Sheffield United when i've watched them play pretty high intensity too.. As you though i've not seen him play within the Blades makeup so can't really see where he fits in???

    With Norwich and Bournemouth, a bit more possession based, slow when its 10v10 but fast on the counter... i think will suit Dowell more.. he'll also get less criticism when things aren't going so well at less daunting arena's than Bramall Lane & Goodison (put it this way i wouldn't want him in a relegation battle and i think United may be in one next season)... At Forest under Warburton the way he played suited him a lot... under Karanka where he was asked to do un-natural things (to him) he struggled... So my point is really... all depends where he ends up next season as to whether he can kick on? I can't see him getting a chance at Everton and I can't see Sheffield United needing his particular style of player for their cause?

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