• Who keeps selling Rashford 😂😂 killing me here guys. I'm holding who's with me?

  • @Chancellor Can't see anyone with ya😉😂😂😂

  • Mate I know he's had a little groin strain but 5p a share is a bit dramatic 😂😂 nah I'm just bitter

  • still holding, not worried

  • I'm keeping my shares. Transfer links, Nations League. Bound to be among the top 5 MB winners in the summer.

  • i’m in for the long term.

  • @Chancellor said in OWN UP:

    Who keeps selling Rashford 😂😂 killing me here guys. I'm holding who's with me?

    I’m holding on, currently 49p a share down though 😳
    I fully expect that to recover and then some extra.
    The off season should be good for him, he looks knackered!

  • Thinking of topping up, also at about 50p loss at the moment...just hope he's hit his low already!

  • I topped up last night on both Rashford and Lingard.

    Perfect time to do so (I hope) with Utd in such poor form and the Nations League on the horizon in the Summer.

  • I'm holding in Rashford longer term. Big summer expected, either signing new contract or moving with likes of Barca interested etc. Also nations league so games to play there as well. Fingers crossed starts the next season with a bang but lots of room for him to grow and increase.

    Lingard at <£1 is also worth a punt or 2!

  • yeah im holding, he needs to get away from football. They depended so much on him earlier in the season hes running on empty it looks. Not worried at all about the drop in fact rather happy as gives me the opportunity to pump more in!!

  • Some of the runs he was making in the first half yesterday were brilliant - Its a shame our midfield hasn't been on song with him as of late.

    Its a typical case of over-playing a youngster - Will be back to form after the summer break for sure.

  • Not me. I topped up a bit this morning. He's now my largest holding in terms of £££

  • I've held since October and have no intentions of selling... From a football perspective I've watched him for United recently and it looks like he (along with Pogba) is trying too hard to make things happen... Maybe just relaxing his game a little would help? I certainly think playing with England this summer (ie alongside better more confident players) will have a positive effect?

  • I gave up to be honest, sold up this morning and took a loss, but glad i did it. He's form is jank, and anyone thinking he's gonna do well at euro nations league is hoping, he will be lucky to play at this rate. I can double that investment in that time, and for someone playing so bad and stories of him being a diva I had to jump ship,

    but hope he works out for you and everyone that holds

  • @Chris-J
    its all pogbas fault, hes horrible

  • @Jad1982

    I hope so too. Can't see Solsjaer doing anything but give him game time next year so even if it's a long hold I'm sure he'll come back around mate

  • I think he is knackered and carrying an injury still. Hoping, as well as some player additions, United get a good pre season under Ole and go in to next season playing the way he wants us to play. I hold shares in Rashford and will continue to

  • Not got any shares yet but keeping a close eye on things. Hoping he doesn't start increasing until I have a bit more cash to invest.

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