Hamed Junior Traore

  • Alright guys, just wanted a bit of input on a player called Hamed Junior Traore.
    I was told to invest in the 19 year old just after Xmas and he has slowly risen since.
    Only worry I have now is that he’s a holding midfielder who rarely scores and has recently transferred so I’m not sure if there’s much profit left to be made, any thoughts??

  • He looks an amazing prospect. But I don't do number 4s.

    Although sticking to that rule meant I never got on Declan Rice at what would now be around 20/30 so do yo thang sister.

  • I hold after watching some youtube videos looks a really good passer of the ball and at his age very calm on the ball.

  • also at the price i couldnt help it but think its worth it even if he doesnt progress all these sub £1 players will move up in price anyway imo

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