User Activity better than sneezing and sex

  • Just sitting here staring at the user activity, my lord what a feeling when you see your players being bought in the hundreds over and over again, could be getting divorced soon if the wife realises how aroused it makes me 不不不

  • @Andy-M

    which players - I cant really login today got the client im working for sat with me.

    im hoping for a busy last 2 days of the 10% bonus.

    Hopefully not a mass exodus on Wednesday tho - the 5% should have given people time to build a pot and invest lots.

  • Yea I have a window open on it most of my working day - The upcoming bonus pay out seems to have stopped the usual dramatic Monday sell-off (I'm still down very slightly).

  • Sneezing whilst having sex can be quite dangerous IIRC

  • @Vespasian32 I've done a screenshot of top risers for you mate, but if you can be on forum surely you can take a quick peep at the index 井



    You can see it's flashing a fair bit too

  • @Andy-M yeh he went toilet so I dropped another 2k in - my last funds for the bonus. not quite made the 10k net

    0_1556531246580_buys vs sells.PNG

    Mason Mount mostly

  • @Vespasian32 The sell off is normally off set by the bonus money being pumped in, couple this with the second bonus I think there won't be a drop off. There maybe be another pump tomorrow, it's the last day for people to get their money in at 10% and also it's another common monthly pay day for people (last working day of the month).

  • @Advinculas-Index fortunately I do neither with my eyes open.

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