Summer Promotion

  • Anyone else got a selected budget/group of players that they plan on selling off Wednesday to maximise their Summer bonus? Certainly intend on keeping some of my picks but others are definitely being sold and cash withdrawn.

  • As someone who joined 5 days ago this is my concern around the promotion... I have currently only spent 50% of my balance on players as I fear the 6% I have made could take a hammering with a mass sell off when the bonus is paid out. Hopefully the second bonus will appeal to people with much larger cash reserves to try and reduce the impact.

  • I don't think there will be much of a drop, you might your holdings go down a bit but it will level out over the next few days, sit tight IMO.

  • I'm hoping we won't take too big a hammering. I certainly won't be investing my bonus or extra funds until the dust settles though, might be a few bargains around again at that point.

  • So are we expecting a big drop in the prices of the top 20 before Wednesday? Or on Wednesday?

    I was hoping it would make the market boom like it did on 15th April

  • @GregT14 I would guess a slight drop, plenty of people will be cutting and running after taking advantage of the summer promotion, hoping the part 2 will offset it a bit, plus people re-investing the cash bonus.

  • @MrJamesCole

    Bugger.... I can’t stand to see joao Felix drop any further 😂

  • @GregT14 the looming u21's tournament should mean he won't drop much, and if he does by the time it gets going he will rise again.

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