• I’m bored senseless of “inside the index”. When will FI get its finger out and start doing some IPOs again????? EVERY Monday for about the last 4 months I’ve sent the same list through in the hope that one day they might start IPO-ing again. Can’t be that hard to do, can it? It’s starting to get to the point where it’s not worth doing research and trying to find unpolished gems, because FI won’t add them unless they’ve appeared on the BBC FOOTBALL GOSSIP page. The likes of Sonny Kittel, Guus Til and Vaclav Cerny will all be household names before they get added. Very frustrating as I’m waiting to plough money into these players and haven’t been able to. It’s all money that is sitting there waiting to be invested. I’m sure FI are limiting the overall amount invested by holding back on doing IPOs. They’ve never been quick enough to add players and it’s a constant frustration.

  • @Bernie-Madoff

    IPO's are the biggest 'FREE MONEY' pumps FI can offer so if I were Adam Cole I would be ensuring at a set time on every wed at 12pm (or similar) or if not just once a month on a chosen set date.... that they launch a proper IPO with a list published via email a week before so they can build up anticipation!!!

    Really think FI miss a trick in neglecting IPO's as spending time on this drives more investment to the platform which is essential for the companies growth!!!

  • They are going to have to release IPOs at 10x the rate of previously for a few weeks to catch up soon.

    I do think the main reason we are seeing such a rise in young players is due to the lack of IPOs.

  • already looking forward to seeing 16 or 17 Sheffield United players added to the list....

    We'll be chucking our ten pences all over Billy Sharp & Chris Basham!!!!!

  • Such an important point and I don't know why more people aren't responding to it. Also it's another way for new traders to find some value in the index. The more hidden gems around, the less they feel they need to invest in the expensive top 20 players. Of course there are a few around as it is, but the more the better. Also rewards traders who do deeper research. It's ridiculous that some players heavily linked to the premier league aren't in there. There are also loads of traders now, like myself, who are yet to see a player added in.

  • Perhaps they are trying to find a solution to the BOTS issue, then again...... probably not

  • @Bernie-Madof

    The IPO issuing system is currently broken, I presume as a result of the SS system upgrade. The only recent one was Elliot Embleton, an unknown kid from Sunderland on loan at lg 2 Grimsby who went in at 122 & was immediately the 80th most valuable player on the index, currently still 110th!

    Rather than allow that sort of over priced shambles again they are better fixing the system first before allowing the bots to restart hoovering up any future stars again. The whole IPO system was already discredited so no great loss IMHO.

  • Didn't they try one after the SS and the prices all came out wrong? So perhaps technical issue?

  • There's a bunch of players I'd love to see added.

    I wonder if they have growth targets to hit first.

  • Maybe if they ipo 200 players in one go it will give everybody a better chance of getting someone.

    I haven’t brought anyone since the good old days of 2 on a Friday.

  • FI have publicly said several times that they don’t like the current IPO system and are trying to fix it.

    I think the current lull is due to them building a new system which will go live in the summer. I’m hoping for an announcement after the football has all finished, a raft of IPOs on a new fairer system would be another great way to maintain interest in the platform over the summer months.

  • Whether they are trying to fix it, change it, whatever...some communication would be nice.

  • @Advinculas-Index said in RIP IPO:

    Perhaps they are trying to find a solution to the BOTS issue, then again...... probably not

    would be nice eh !

    @Allams-Out said in RIP IPO:

    Whether they are trying to fix it, change it, whatever...some communication would be nice.

    very true, think they really need a spokesperson to be on the forums a little more regarding this

  • @Bernie-Madoff

    I was saying the same thing to a group of people from work that use FI. Mentioned a few on article this morning about waiting for players to be added, Amoros Nshimirimana @ FC Utrecht, Lucien Agoumé @ Sochaux & Juan Sforza @ Newell’s Old Boys are 3 I've been checking for since 2018.

    Hopefully the summer will see a new IPO system that brings new players to the FI on a more regular basis.

  • @Bernie-Madoff
    Don't rush it, let the money rise the players currently available.
    Think about it

  • I personally hate the IPO's, the start prices are beyond ridiculous, it's best if you can find a young talent that already exists, this is an amazing example, not mine unfortunately......


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