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  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the site (started 2 weeks ago) and I wondered if you more experienced traders had any advice on the optimal number of players to have in your portfolio?

    When I started I was naturally cautious and for the first week I bought low volumes of shares but across a large number of players. Now I'm thinking that it might be better to have less players in my portfolio and have a higher volume of shares in those players I do have.

    I know it's very early days (and I have only deposited £250 so far and have 22 players in my portfolio) but any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers.

  • My portfolio is diverse, 62 different players. Its worth 3k (£2.7k in) as of about 2 mins ago :). Its tempting to lump all on those looking like they will rocket, but given the platform is growing I feel covering many bases is a good way forward.

  • I started off with a scattergun approach and had a small amount of shares in many players during my testing the water period.

    I now have a portfolio value of £10.3k with 37 players (7533 futures in total).

  • @Webbinho
    Thanks. That seems sensible. I guess the real issue is that I will need to invest more than £250 if I am to make any serious gains!!

  • 4, but purely for maximum growth. It's the best staking plan number apparently for continuous re-investment.

    0_1556550684760_Screenshot_2019-04-29 How Science is Taking the Luck out of Gambling - with Adam Kucharski - YouTube.png About 22 mins in.

  • Yeah I feel like as you learn the movements of the market your portfolio can get smaller and smaller but the best idea is to diversify 20-30 range is a goodish ballpark.

    @Ollie Do you trade these 4 spots regularly then?

  • 27 players in a £2,000 portfolio, relatively evenly spread so that I'm not vulnerable to a sudden drop in one particular player. Happy with my players now, just top up occasionally using small deposits each month + dividends.

  • I have 13 on my port, i tried diversifying to start off with, had 20+ and low amount of futures, but soon realised without having alot of money to invest this wasnt an option for me.
    So stripped it down, about six of them are Pb/Mb rest capital appreciation.
    Working well so far, and slowly building my port by buing and selling youngsters and cheap futures

  • Thanks all. With having only deposited £250, I guess I am playing for a bit of fun at the moment. How much would you say needs to be invested to make any serious return? I know it's subjective but any personal views?

  • 5, put in around £950 & have around a £200 profit but looking to sell soon and make my portfolio bigger

  • @Vaughany said in Number of players in your portfolio:

    Thanks all. With having only deposited £250, I guess I am playing for a bit of fun at the moment. How much would you say needs to be invested to make any serious return? I know it's subjective but any personal views?

    Absolutely no more than you can afford to lose... otherwise i say go nuts 😉

  • Agreed, this is gambling site so only put in as much as you can afford to lose.....

  • I can afford to invest quite a bit more so I am tempted to do so! The danger is that I am addicted to Fantasy Football (Fantasy Premier League) and am signed up to a number of money leagues, and I can see me getting equally addicted to FI!

  • I started with around £250 and I was making quite minimal gains. So I decided to invest more. I now have a portfolio of £1K.

    I joined at the end of Feb and I'm up 18%. I have been quite lucky with the share split and the summer announcement, it definitely helped. I've made some silly mistakes along the way though.

    I have 63 players! (I want to trim this to 30).

    If I was starting out again I would focus on 25-30 players max and just top on on these every month.

    I would probably focus on Media based players such as Salah, Pogba, Messi, Sterling & Van Dijk.

    I think having a diverse portfolio of Media based players and good Youth players is a safe bet.

    Whatever you decide , good luck!

  • @SamVee
    I'm tempted to follow your lead and increase my investment. With only having £250 to play with, the temptation is to focus on the cheap players as you can soon blow £50/100 when buying the premium players who are at £5/6/7 per share.

    Given the football season is almost over and we're heading in to transfer season, focusing on Media players seems like good advice. Thanks and good luck too!

  • 34 Players

    Ive been on since July 18 and most of the time i had around 20 until the last 2 months when i decided to spread the risk further, which has worked well for me.

    But i will probably be reducing the numbers and leaning more to MB over the next 2 weeks.

  • @Vaughany If you study exactly how FI works before you set up your portfolio then you can just sit back and let it do it's magic, don't be like most newbies (me included) and start selling and re buying everytime you see some red, I'm not sure I've ever sold a player and not seen him rise way beyond what i sold for, the wisest are the most successful here.

  • @LuaLua No, Geubbels, Werner, Weah and Konate are hopefully going to be long holds. If each or any rise a few fold, I will then sell and invest that players money into the next one. Sell one, buy one. I can take my time building up a future buy list. I want a more casual FI lifestyle, that's the plan, we'll see how it goes!.

  • 46 players 5500 futures

  • @Andy-M
    Thanks. I have only sold 3 players since I started on the 18th April (admittedly 2 at loss and 1 at a profit, partially made up by some goal dividends) and currently have 23 players in my portfolio. You're right though, I have been very tempted to offload those that have fallen quite a bit into the red (Vardy, Suarez). Guess I need to be patient.

    I definitely think I need to spend the summer getting to grips with the platform. Once I understand it a bit better, I will probably deposit some more. Hopefully, I'll be ready for the start of next season!

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