Belfast Marathon

  • Running this, this Sunday.

    Part of UK. Should be safe to still use whilst there right?

    Cheers in advance.

  • @Millerman Will be fine. FI have launched in ROI too. Good luck!

  • @Millerman FI launched in Ireland last year. Traders like @JoJo live in Northern Ireland so I think you should be fine.

  • Sweet, read all the T and C's and it says UK, just wanted to make sure - that said. I think I could just about live not logging in for 4 days - will be busy getting pissed after the race.

    Anyone know much about Belfast and good places to go for a night out?

    I am renting a house for 4 days in College Square, North College Gate and it looks like its pretty much in the centre of the city.

    Really looking forward to it, went down to London to watch the marathon yesterday and it wet the appetite.....that said, I do ultra-running so all my training is in the hills and learning how to eat as much as possible over 16 hours!!!! So constant running for 4 hours is going to feel like hell.

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