Tymon a bargain long term

  • Is it just me or is an 18 year old who's pushing for a PL starting place at 33p a bargain?

  • Go on, shot to nothing - bought 100 (and raised it a penny for you;-) - hopefully others will pile in..

  • Its a interesting call played for England under 20s and Hull City however hes a defender and id rate KWP higher i think Its a Good investment to hołd for a couple of years has more people join however It depends how many players are here and how many punters If the IPO stop for the summer when No PB he has more of a chance too If stoke go down will he move? like i say interesting call and many factors. Good luck with the gamble lads

  • @NewUser19365

    In the team we tonight is young Tymon and the beginning of a buying surge 😀

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