Dusan tadic

  • He's super cheap compared to all the other ajax forwards and scores loads of goals... Surely a steal for tomorrow night.

  • @Ryndan I cannot believe how well he has done since leaving Southampton. Really shows Football is a team game.

  • Always rated him at Southampton but he is a 30 year old in a non PB league which gives him a pretty low ceiling value.

  • he's returning 33% without stepping onto the pitch so tbh I'm very happy.

    did the same for me pre-Juve

    Will likely sell before the game but hope he does well

  • I remember when Tadic played with Mane & Pelle in a front three for Southampton and remeber saying at the time I thought it was the best front three in the league,, it just worked.. pace, skill, workrate, strength.. had all dimensions.. so ever since i've always rated Tadic and thought that with Daley Blind was a masterstroke this summer.. remember they were Europa League finalists two years ago so adding the bits of experience to that were small tweaks needed to push on to the levels they have reached...

    All that said.. a 30 year old in a non PB league is not that attractive as an investment on FI... and next season with the predicted break up of this great young team I think Tadic may find it harder? Just as he found life at Southampton harder when Mane & Pelle left??

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