Is Colin Dagba the right back of the future for PSG?

  • Hi All,

    Wondered what peoples thoughts are on Colin Dagba. I've been watching him for PSG recently and for a lad so young he looks like he could be nailing down a place permanently next year, especially with Dani Alves set to leave. Hes quick and already proven he can provide assists. He can play as full back, wing back or the right of a back 3. Decent PB scores for a debut season as well. My only concern would be if PSG lack patience and spend to bring someone more experienced in. Thoughts?

  • Any thoughts on where his price could go?

  • @Sizmart How many have you got?

  • @Ollie not as many as I would like, been holding since he was at 32p and see him as a long term hold. As this game is all about punter sentiment, it would be interesting to hear what others think.

  • @Sizmart Think you could expect his price doubling at some point in the future, regardless of where he is?

  • @Ollie thanks. He has been slow and steady so hope that continues. :-)

  • has potential to keep growing but my only concern is Kimpembe, who is still young -ish and a regular for PSG, makes the French squad, is only 57p? can you think of any reason why Dagba will exceed this other than that he is in the over-inflated age bracket?

    I hold btw

  • @wedeidde Dagba mostly plays right back or wing back whereas Kimpembe tends to just play centre back. He has only been in because Thiago Silva and Marquinhos have had long spells out injured. With Thiago Silva becoming more injury prone I can see him being sold and PSG keeping Kimpembe at centre back. With Ligue 1 being so weak and PSG playing possession football I see big PB potential in Dagba as he gets forward and crosses well. If he could get on set pieces we would have a PB machine!

  • already topping PB in tonight's game. Hope that continues. :-)

  • If Dagba, scores well tonight he could jump 30p so have just bought another 500 - if he does not score well he still will be at the most dominant team for PB across all 5 leagues so offering huge upside over the coming year.

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