Bukayo Saka

  • Is this a “rising tide lifts all [young English] boats” job or is he anywhere near close to a breakthrough? Any Arsenal fans on here?

  • @CBN not close IMO, although would rather see him given a go ahead of Iwobi. Emery has used him in Europa League a little but he hasn't done anything to impress. At youth level he looks sensational.

  • Closer than you think - would expect him, Smith-Rowe and Reiss Nelson to get more exposure next season, especially if they don't make the Champions League and reduced transfer budget on offer this summer

  • Not close. Looks ok...but hopefully we will strengthen the squad with proper players and not have to use kids, if we use kids he's down on the pecking order for me. Lg cup an Facup yeh- PB games no chance unless we blitz euro cup group early.

  • @albear83 Smith-Rowe (if can stay fit) and Reiss Nelson I agree with, but not Saka. He may go out on loan next year though.

  • Thanks all.

  • @CBN He's looked very good in the matches where he has actually played though a bit like CHO fast and very skilful will no doubt in my mind rise over the next year and he's just 17 so super young

  • Seems to be rising fast!

  • @CBN Who isn't rising Fast😉

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