Ndombele - big summer move?

  • Hi All,

    I was thinking of investing heavily in one player and I have been following ndombele for a while. He is starting to increase now and wanted to get your feelings on whether he’s worth an investment. I could go with Ajax players but they have already increased a lot already. I think ndombele could get a big move to Real Madrid or united, and could star in the French midfield. What do you all think?

    I don’t want to miss out on a large increase - at his price he could easily increase by 40%+ if he moves in the summer.



  • I hold Ndombele for the same reasons, but I’m a more risk averse guy so would never back a plan to go all-in on a single player. I’ve backed 10-15 players who I’m hoping will get a big move in the summer. Trying to pick just one of them is too much of a lottery for my liking.

  • @NewUser212623 Difficult to know if he'll move, so many players rumoured to leave and they won't sell everyone, I personally think Fekir has biggest chance of a transfer, then Depay is also being watched by many clubs, he's currently back in form and has Nations league approaching, good luck.

  • @Coleyscrooge thanks - I hold money in other players and have split my money over lots of players, but was looking to invest another wedge into FI and want to go on one player. Ndombele looks like the best bet for me, he is guaranteed to go up. He looks like he can handle himself in the PL as well

  • @NewUser212623 as @Coleyscrooge mentions I wouldn't go all in on one player unless you of course you have others in your port already. I get the feeling he will move and to one of the big boys he's had a great season.

  • I also think a big move won't guarantee a 40% increase. His price is mainly built up for mb so it more depends how long the transfer goes on how many teams get involved and whether its prem.
    You could see a big drop after a transfer.

  • @LuaLua thanks for the useful advice, a long drawn out transfer saga would be the best. Perhaps because Lyon have a few midfielders who are looking like they could be sold, Lyon may hold out for more money, which will stretch out these transfers. A team like Man City could then come in with the big bucks (need to replace Fernandinho)

  • @LuaLua, oi get out of this chat with your negative comments 🤣. I think this one goes on a while (hopefully), United need this type of player and media know it, they will also have to pay over the odds for him no doubt due to no CL footie so you will see links until anything's confirmed. You then question if he wants Europa league but we will see hopefully it plays on throughout the summer 🤞🤞

  • @Shippers Sorry. Everyone put all your money in ndombele. Guaranteed winner. What good is diversifying you only need one winner. This guy is it. New king of Fi here. Absolute pb mb ipd beast Lets go choo choo.

  • @Shippers in ndombele we trust 🙏 😂

  • If he goes to Madrid why would his price increase?

  • @NewUser35208 Rodrygo has been increasing nicely for me. Plus Vinicius junior price doubled when I had him before his injury. Modric and Kroos are getting on a bit now so ndombele could even start. Madrid players have been going under the radar recently due to a poor champions league and Barca winning La Liga, but next year may well be different for them

  • @LuaLua 🤣🤣 that's better mate 😉. Agreed though that once move happens then you will more than likely see a decrease but then again if he plays well in new season he could be a gem but then again you can say that for any player I suppose. Hopefully comes to prem for better cap appreciation and divs

  • @NewUser212623 Problem is their is a real chance he doesn't win any dividends at Real Madrid. Which might cause his price to crash.

    Vincius and rodrygo are trapped in a kindof youth/nextbigthing bubble and should be considered separately I think.

  • @Misto Do you think there should be something on the pinned post about the youthbubble and transfers? Feel like it might help out a little. More and more people playing this like its football manager or something.

  • @LuaLua I question this a bit. Feels like you would be giving advice on something you can't guarantee the outcome of. Yes I expect their bubbles will burst so to speak but you never know and also you can't guarantee the likes of Chong or Greenwood won't be PB beasts. Doubt they will but you never know.

  • @Shippers said in Ndombele - big summer move?:

    you can't guarantee the likes of Chong or Greenwood won't be PB beasts

    I agree! altho gomes has a better chance than them. but feel like a post on why their prices are the way they are instead of a paragraph saying their worthless.That would piss endless amounts of people off. and isnt necessarily correct. Just a bit saying they're bought on potential or something.

  • @LuaLua ah thank you, good to see someone else appreciating Gomes. Very good player.

  • @Shippers the issue is, especially with greenwood and Hudson odoi is that they are really expensive compared to other elites of the game. Surely they can’t keep going up? Although I said that of greenwood a while ago and he has increased loads since then

  • Pretty sure i read he has gentleman's agreement to leave in the summer. As does fekir i think.