Ndombele - big summer move?

  • If he goes to Madrid why would his price increase?

  • @NewUser35208 Rodrygo has been increasing nicely for me. Plus Vinicius junior price doubled when I had him before his injury. Modric and Kroos are getting on a bit now so ndombele could even start. Madrid players have been going under the radar recently due to a poor champions league and Barca winning La Liga, but next year may well be different for them

  • @LuaLua 🀣🀣 that's better mate πŸ˜‰. Agreed though that once move happens then you will more than likely see a decrease but then again if he plays well in new season he could be a gem but then again you can say that for any player I suppose. Hopefully comes to prem for better cap appreciation and divs

  • @NewUser212623 Problem is their is a real chance he doesn't win any dividends at Real Madrid. Which might cause his price to crash.

    Vincius and rodrygo are trapped in a kindof youth/nextbigthing bubble and should be considered separately I think.

  • @Misto Do you think there should be something on the pinned post about the youthbubble and transfers? Feel like it might help out a little. More and more people playing this like its football manager or something.

  • @LuaLua I question this a bit. Feels like you would be giving advice on something you can't guarantee the outcome of. Yes I expect their bubbles will burst so to speak but you never know and also you can't guarantee the likes of Chong or Greenwood won't be PB beasts. Doubt they will but you never know.

  • @Shippers said in Ndombele - big summer move?:

    you can't guarantee the likes of Chong or Greenwood won't be PB beasts

    I agree! altho gomes has a better chance than them. but feel like a post on why their prices are the way they are instead of a paragraph saying their worthless.That would piss endless amounts of people off. and isnt necessarily correct. Just a bit saying they're bought on potential or something.

  • @LuaLua ah thank you, good to see someone else appreciating Gomes. Very good player.

  • @Shippers the issue is, especially with greenwood and Hudson odoi is that they are really expensive compared to other elites of the game. Surely they can’t keep going up? Although I said that of greenwood a while ago and he has increased loads since then

  • Pretty sure i read he has gentleman's agreement to leave in the summer. As does fekir i think.

  • @LuaLua I don't think so. I've tried to keep it as factual as I can. I know there is some of my personal opinion in there, but I don't what to turn it into a MIsto thinks guide.

    I do agree with the youth are a bubble. I've written as much many times.

    My main point goes around the fact there are so many winder kids of the past. You just have to look at past Jimmy Murphy award winners, best young player lists ect. Lots of these players had massive hype around them at the time and if FI was about then they would have had massive price to go with the hype. Where are they now, 99% of them are nowhere, some aren't even playing league football any more. The only list that is solid is the Golden Boy.

  • @Misto Fair enough. I did think about the opinion thing. I'm just seeing more and more fundamental misunderstandings of the index, just look at this thread and the jwp one.
    And was just wondering how to combat it. We can't just keep saying 'the fi market is crazy'.
    Might be worth getting the ol youtube account out of the cupboard. Wath this space. Real academy coming soon.

  • @Shippers said in Ndombele - big summer move?:

    @LuaLua, oi get out of this chat with your negative comments 🀣. I think this one goes on a while (hopefully), United need this type of player and media know it, they will also have to pay over the odds for him no doubt due to no CL footie so you will see links until anything's confirmed. You then question if he wants Europa league but we will see hopefully it plays on throughout the summer 🀞🀞

    Mind your language (Man United no CL) haha, seasons not over yet, Arsenal and Chelsea are just as terrible as United, you never know playing Thursday, Sunday, Thursday, Sunday 😁 hopefully they both screw up and put too much energy into EL, this season has been unpredictable apart from top 2... come on you red devils πŸ’ͺ🏻

    You are also giving advice or kinda assuming on things that you can't guarantee by saying no CL for United 😁

  • @Andy-M πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ feel CL is a dream now mate unfortunatly. I feel we will win last two games but feel others won't drop the points but you never know I suppose, it has been a weird old season but when the pressure was on we've not been up to it, season has caught up with us a bit 😭😭

  • @NewUser212623 agreed though hard to determine where it can, should stop. If the young players put in performances or start earning serious MB you could argue that there worthy of that price. I don't hold any of the youngsters mentioned as feel their overpriced myself but then technically they should continue grow with extra money put into FI in the coming months, years so should we be getting on, it's a hard one

  • Lyon confirm that City, PSG and United are actively chasing him. This has the makings of a big transfer saga. He will get to Β£2, still under-priced compared to other summer movers.

  • @BarbayanBrawler Yea with the actual confirmation of parties involved it gives licence for the papers to go fucking nuts on this one. Lets just hope it drags on.

  • As soon as all the big boys get mentioned its time to dive in.

    There are going to be a few all around the same price, ndombole, Lozano,depay, Rodriguez.........

    Looking at markers Pepe/fekir, plenty of room for growth and Mb when top 5 starts.

  • Just topped up some more myself, as mentioned above, I think he'll reach Β£2 with plenty of speculation

  • Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has confirmed Manchester United and Manchester City are interested in signing midfielder Tanguy Ndombele, but says his preference would be to sell to Juventus.

    Its definitely happening. Just when and who. Juventus would be my least prefered option but it looks like they are favourite.

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