Alex Berenguer

  • The 23 year old scored yesterday for Torino and consistently gets game time in a pb league. Surely worth a punt for 23p. (Not saying he is worth loads just more than 23p)

  • Had a look, he is great value and in my opinion with him probably playing in Europa league next year he will hopefully have good increase potentially double in value. Another value player like him that will potentially get champions league football next year is Nemanja Maksimovic. at 23p as well he should fly.

  • @sam25666
    Unfortunately while Maksimovic might be a good player it doesn't mean he is a good Fi purchase

    For instance
    Just because he regularly plays in a pb league doesn't mean he wins pb
    Just because he plays in champions league doesn't make him more valuable
    He is essentially worthless as he has almost no chance at getting any divs unless he has a freak performance. Or gets a move to a big club.
    Neither is likely.
    i would read this thread so you can learn a bit more about how the index works and player evaluations

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