GABRIEL BARBOSA - found his feet

  • Former Football Manager superstar Gabriel Barbosa has been on loan in Brazil banging on goals for fun!!!
    After gaining some experience in Europe with Inter Milan he is ready to come back to Europe to be the next Brazil superstar!!!
    I have invested heavily in Barbosa
    A cheap current investment guaranteed to rise on price!!
    Who else agrees??

  • @NewUser297632
    Yeah I agree definitely deserves a second chance, joint top goal scorer in Brazil. Icardi’s future in doubt and pinamonti probably going out on loan again. Next season could be his. There was a write up on him and how well he is going in Brazil. I’m on for 300 👌🏼!0_1556569526443_88B94308-1241-4397-8551-41A8198E1901.jpeg

  • Quite a few seem to be jumping on this bet. I really wish you luck. If he does mvoe to a European club (he won't play another game for Inter), you should cash in on profit straight away. But this is one I'm not getting on

    The loan agreement with Flamengo runs until December 2019. Inter suppousedly have the right to cancel that if they receive an offer above what they paid for him.
    Another rumour from Brazil is that Flamengo have the right to match any offer for the player. Now they obviously don't have the same kind of cash as a European side or Chinese team (my bet if he doesnt move to Flamengo), but the windful from Vinicius, Paqueta and likely Renier, means they do have cash to burn and have ambitions to win the Serie A this season.

    He had a miserable 1.5 years in Europe at Benfica and Inter. I'm not sure he wants to leave Brazil's biggest club in the form of his life.

  • His dob wrong on FI

  • @S4KUR said in GABRIEL BARBOSA - found his feet:

    His dob wrong on FI

    Who's is correct? ;)

  • Your name suggests you should tell me..

  • @SambaStar
    I disagree if you look at flamengo’s current squad the majority are loan deals, they tend not too spend money by the looks of things. At 50p a share it’s worth a punt. If he stays at inter growth and if he moves too another team in Europe growth. Worth a punt at 50p 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • He’s 22. A good age to come back and start making an impact
    At his price you can’t go wrong
    I’ve got 1000 in him
    Easy money

  • @DavidMUFC1987
    Like I say, total respect. I don't have the balls for these sort of bets, but would be great to see it pay off. There are just too many unknowns on this one. I agree, I don't see Flamengo stumping up the cash Inter want, so it may be more whether anyone else is bold enough to take the risk. But I don't see Gabigol in an Inter shirt next season. Martinez is the future there.

  • @SambaStar
    I understand what you’re saying fella. I just feel it’s a better value bet too bet on barbosa coming back and doing well whether it be at inter or another side in Europe than say betting on a Mason Greenwood who is over £3 a share.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 I'm certianly in agreement there. I'll keep you posted on anything we hear from Brazil, as Brazilian agents have a habit of being football pundits and just lettign it all slip for appearance fees on tv.


    Been linked with PL clubs last transfer window. Could see some activity around him in the summer. Whether inter recall him back or another team buy. And 50p for a 22 year old Brazilian scoring goals seems good value. I'm in

  • Always held a fair few of him just topped up a bit more. Class player just hope he lives up to potential

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