More Dividend Problems - Monday 29/4

  • Anyone actually own these guys who won dividends with zero points?

    This doesn’t impact me, but I’m in disbelief that this coding error has happened again. Why don’t FI have someone checking the dividend winners at midnight before they release them?


  • I would be interested to know if anyone got paid for any of the above players last night. Bit of a shocker if they did and doesn't represent the players well in all the data sets that people subscribe to if they're in there as dividend winners.

    Can also see that Eriksen and Alderweireld are on 2.04 and 0.96 media points so far today, which is the same score as their prices 🤔

  • @Yellow they're not going to be dividend winners hopefully


    Didn't see this post and posted one myself.

  • @Yellow @Coleyscrooge A Mandragora holder here. Yes, I've received dividends - bizarre, but a nice surprise to wake up to!

  • @Coleyscrooge id be surprised if they would have someone working that late to be honest. A simple answer to the problem though would be surely pay out payments at say 10am rather than 1am allowing them to check and audit. What difference really would it be if we got paid out at 10am rather than 1am. This also ensures the right person is paid out. No overtime, no accidental payouts and then no money lost either.

  • @Shippers True that no one would be working that late. However I will say everytime to happens it knocks confidence and FI always so the best PR move and let the people paid out wrong keep the money and pay out the correct traders as well. This must cost £100's to £1000's, much more than a extra member of staff whos whole job could be payouts with a side job of fixing say the player profile info.

  • @Misto 100% agree it needs sorting and can't continue that's why I think it would make more sense paying out around 10am and they don't have to worry about paying overtime or a higher salary. Most people will be asleep at 1am and regardless of if it's withdrawn at 2am or 11am it will stick hit the bank the same day.

  • @Misto Good ideas are unfortunately worthless, I spoke to CS when we were having the MB issues the other month, he virtually said that's the way it is and I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I told him that it's probably costing 10's of thousands when it's a mistake on say Pogba, Neymar, Messi, Jesus everyone holds at least 1 of those 3, I asked for the payments to be suspended until they've fixed it, because it had froze since lunch that day, you probably remember... His reply.... we'll pay out and correct it tomorrow, they're obviously loaded mate 🤣🤣🤣 I also suggested to one of the girls that someone could work the night shift so we can contact them pre screw up, i got a giggle 🤦🏻‍♂️ I don't bother to contact anymore and hope someone else does it.

    Bit concerning that no tweet has emerged at 2pm, I put a msg on a post EJ had put up and tagged CS.

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