What / Who does your club need?

  • We all do this in the pub / office etc.. “we need to sign this guy or that guy” “they could do with a new CB, how about..”

    So with the summer transfer window coming up I thought it would be an interesting thread.

    So the idea is that you list upto 2 positions/players you feel YOUR club should sign. Plus also 1 player you feel another Premiership side should sign

  • My Club - Newcastle
    Need - Central Midfielder and Centre Forward
    Who -
    Centre Foward - no brainier sign up Rondon. Alternatively the rumoured move for Welbeck could work out
    Centre Midfielder- I would love us to sign someone who will drive with the ball at their feet, so my very unrealistic target would be RLC, as a big statement signing. As that isn’t going to happen then possibly Mount on loan

    What do they need?
    Man Utd - easiest one... Centre Back
    Alderweireld - Their desperate need for a CB, his ridiculous release fee of £25m.

  • Leicester to get a point at city and messi to have an off day tomorrow!!

  • Arsenal

    Wenger back
    New team
    New board
    New fans

  • Man Utd:
    We need more than 2 for a start, but sticking to the rules...

    RW - Ideally Sancho, although it will be a 120m costly venture

    CB - Alderweireld, makes financial sense with his PL experience & the 25m release clause

    Another club: Everton

    Think they need a 15-20 goal a season striker. As daft as it sounds, Lukaku could again fill the void for them, or Neal Maupay from the Championship? 🤔Young & has consistently scored goals in an average team for the past 18 months

  • Manchester United just need a new team and they'll be fine 🤦🏻‍♂️ naaaaa but they need to change a lot of players and more than anything a change of attitude.

    CB Maguire/Koulibaly

    RW Sancho

    Other team... Manchester City replacement for Fernandinho

    Maybe Declan Rice or Ndombele

  • @Ericali said in What / Who does your club need?:

    Man Utd:
    We need more than 2 for a start, but sticking to the rules...

    Completely agree.. think you need CB/RB/CM/RW/CF and possibly LW 😂

  • @AdyH And if De Gea goes, a GK

  • @SgtSnowman said in What / Who does your club need?:

    @AdyH And if De Gea goes, a GK

    And if Pogba goes - another CM! 😁

    Luke Shaw looks a bit shabby at LB too? 🤔


  • @Ericali Bloody hell. It's so depressing!
    I honestly feel that there is no one in our team that should be classed as unsellable. It's such a massive job to rebuild.

  • @Ericali said in What / Who does your club need?:

    @SgtSnowman said in What / Who does your club need?:

    @AdyH And if De Gea goes, a GK

    And if Pogba goes - another CM! 😁

    Luke Shaw looks a bit shabby at LB too? 🤔


    I think Shaw is up to it, just needs more around him

  • I love pubs... talking football... and completely wasting my time with my theories so this is an ideal thread for me...

    As a Forest fan we need 'TIME' to get used to the O'Neill way of play i feel... I still don't know if he knows his best way of playing yet although 3-4-2-1 from the last two games has earned us six points and no goals conceded... although too little too late perhaps.. at least we've had something to cheer about following four straight defeats that would have got us in the playoffs :-(

    Anyway.. looks like O'Neill will stay and unlike many red dogs i'm happy with the keeper, the full backs are ok, the centre halfs can defend (Worrall will also be back from Rangers), the midfield is young and fresh legged (when Watson isn't playing) the gaffer is finally playing our best footballer (Carvalho) and up front we have options with Ansarifad and Grabban... So i would pretty much leave it as it is.. although we'll probably lose one of our better players so replacing them would be essential!!!

    Who would i like in...?

    I would probably try and pinch someone like Neal Maupay at Brentford or Said Benrahma (if they would listen to offers) or go for something ridiculously ambitious and sign Josef Martinez from the MLS.. although more realistically we'll probably get Shane Long & Harry Arter on freebies...?

    As for the 'other' club I will have to go Man City... they have the best squad in the world, the best coach in the world, play the best football.. but still... The Premier League isn't assured and they can never do f*ck all in Europe... So I say go BIG... Neymar? Mbappe? Havertz?? In fact anyone I hold in the top twenty so i can get some much needed BUZZ my way!!!

  • Real Madrid.

    Eden Hazard- Need a new galactico, someone who can win us a game and run at players and he's got the bill for that
    Luka Jovic- Desperately need a new striker, despite Benzema playing great this season, we've been crying out for a new No.9 for ages.

    Manchester United- James Rodriguez, a top quality footballer when he's got backing from the coach, and will come relatively cheap

  • Club: Spurs


    Central Midfielder for sure. Tielemans would be ideal, wanted him before he went to Leicester, even more so now. Maddison/Grealish would be a nice addition whether Eriksen moves or not.

    Right back. Aurier not up to it and Trippier's terrible lack of defensive ability has been exposed this season. KWP still has a lot to learn. I'd love to see Wan-Bissaka at the club. Staying in defense I'd like to see Issa Diop at the club should Toby move on. Really impressed with him and I don't see Foyth as a long term replacement. I get nervous any time he's near the ball.

    Another club:

    Man Utd - A central defender of course. They could do a lot worse than Diop themselves. But not high profile enough for them. Toby is the obvious candidate.

  • @AdyH
    Manchester United
    I’d take alder for 25 million and Erikson.
    United aren’t as bad as what people are making out, Erikson would control games for us, really lacking this kind of player. No players from abroad please, we can’t afford any more gambles. Premiership proven is a must.

  • Chelsea:

    Hazard to stay

    Need a whole new board who don't pay over the odds for injured or poor players.

    A manager who will intergrate our youth prospects into the team (Sarri done ok in this
    regard but worrying that he rates Higuain and Kovacic. Both awful players now)

    World class striker/Centre back/Left back

    If we could sign him i would take De Liight but doubt we would get him (if our ban is delayed)

    I would recall Reece James, Abraham, Mount,Zouma and Aina and make them part of 1st team squad for next season. Probably a few more of our million players on loan that could step up as well but dont know as muchnabout them.

    Another club Real Madrid i would sign Neymar as he fits the Galactico mould plus they'd probably leave Hazard alone as well

  • Arsenal need defenders that can play the ball out from the back, but the transfer budget probably won't allow us to sort it out in 1 window, it all depends on how the season ends for us man Utd and chelsea but either way I think it will be a record for money spent by prem clubs this summer

  • Arsenal

    A new tactic if no Wenger
    Get rid of Ozil
    Bring in tenacious attacking players with pace
    Bring in a top defender- splash the cash on a pedigree.

    I'd like- Havertz, Jovic, Tah/Akanji/Elvedi/Koulibaly, Tagliafco/Grimaldo

  • Palace - we need a striker to replace the donkey Benteke - Michy Batshuayi is now below him in the pecking order so we need to look elsewhere. I would take a punt on Nikolay Komlichenko as we need an injection of youth and a pair of shooting boots.

    With £100m+ from the sale of Zaha and Wan-Bissaka we also need to bolster the right side. Poaching Robert Skov from our London rivals would be a coup and add end product that Zaha is lacking.

    Chelsea are in need of a young, talismanic striker and I reckon Pepe or Moise Keane would do a job though the latter is probably too young, unproven and why would he want to downgrade when Chelsea are not even guaranteed CL next season?

  • Fulham
    A new owner.
    A miracle.
    Lionel Messi.

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