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    Top Defender? Ben Wilmot never even played and they lost 2-0

    Had enough now so deciding to sell up and quit FI

  • @Rich-A If you own correct players then you'll get paid, no need to quit, FI don't care if we quit mate.

  • @Andy-M The site is full of errors and they can't be arsed keeping it updated so it's not for me

    How is Nico Schulz a Midfielder? I bought into that bugga when he scored for Germany but when Hoff keep a clean sheet i don't get any Divs, I know i don't lose when the get hammered 4-1 but that's not the point

  • @Rich-A Maybe because he is classed as a midfielder for Germany and Hoffenheim mate, he plays occasionally in defence too, these are the things we need to check ourselves, that's not FI's fault.
    And there's no dividends for defenders anyway, just keepers.
    Germany's Midfielders


    Hoffenheim's Midfielders


  • @Andy-M He is a left back anyways i don't want to debate that but you may know the answer to this> Andrea Consigli was top goalkeeper/defender on Monday and i still haven't received the Div payout just the clean sheet payout

  • @Rich-A You need to contact them mate, they screwed up the dividends big time in monday.

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