• seems like lots have people have waited to the last day of the 1st bonus to deposit and spend big. I hear people saying the drop won’t be big tomorrow because of the next bonus but I disagree. Feel a large drop coming tomorrow morning?

  • @NewUser35208 based on what?

  • Past experience with deposit bonuses. Plus the sudden influx in money today.

  • Hard to say imagine people topping up for Europe later stages and mb players now. Imagine if heavy wins in either semi finals there'll be some huge hits especially if Liverpool

  • can someone explain to me in simple terms the Bonus part 2. Part 1 was put in cash and spend it to get 10% back as a bonus.
    Part 2 I obviously don't understand are i see guys on twitter with a massive cash balance and saying they are using it in Part 2. Why would they not just get 10% now as oppose to 5% in part 2...?

  • @NewUser35208 Which past bonus period are you talking about? I've been though 6 and never seen a big drop.

  • @BarbayanBrawler Don't sell anything, Deposit more tomorrow, buy plsyers, hold till midnight 30th June, boom another 5%

  • @Andy-M thanks

  • @BarbayanBrawler
    some are holding big balance because while the % is less, the total bonus on offer is more (£2k instead of 1k)

    Also I was nearly in the boat to have to do that. The first bonus period was back dated (or timed I should say as it started at midday on the day the notification came out at 7pm). On that day i'd already bought before midday and sold after midday so I kicked off the bonus period with -£1800 net sales.

    Meaning to get the £1k I have to put in £11,800 which was a stretch... or I could have saved money, sold some shares and built up a pot for phase 2.

    As it happened I managed to get my net buys up to almost £10,000 … but I wont be able to gain much from phase 2 as I've stretched my bank account a little thin.

  • @Vespasian32 I was planning selling in p1 and coupling that with the money I have plus a large balance and maxing p2. Didn't didn't seem worth the 2% commission and having a large part of my portfolio out the market to make a little more. So I just put what I wanted in p1 and will put some more in p2 no doubt.

  • @Vespasian32 thanks great explanation. was just so confused to see people holding cash balances earlier. makes sense now.

  • @Misto yeh 2% commission to take adv of 5% didn't seem great. But also I've made more in cap ap during this period than I will off the actual bonus... so by selling shares during this boom, people using that tactic would have paid a hefty price. Glad I scrabbled around to make the most of P1.

    I do have to withdraw some money though!

  • @Vespasian32 Same conclusion, Just wasn't worth it for a marginal gain.

  • My plan is to ride out the slight drop in coming days then invest more for Bonus 2 🎉🎉

  • I had a temporary 5-figure sum pumped in on the 15th so that I will get the £1k on the 1 May for Part. 1. In the early hours of this morning I sold up the equivalent of the 5-figure and left the sum in the cash balance ready for tomorrow.

    So tomorrow, like a lot of traders, l'll be using the extra cash to top-up on MB stars and PB League transfer prospects and leave the money in for the 2 month duration of Part 2 and collect the 5% bonus on 1 July.

    On the contrary, tomorrow should be flying!

  • @Londoner correct me if i'm wrong but does selling up not mean your net buys will be reduced hence your bonus?

  • @Londoner

    You sold off the £10k you deposited this morning? Unless I'm misunderstanding you, that means you don't qualify for the 10% bonus?

  • @BarbayanBrawler

    I can only speak from my own experience, but I've held back some cash ready to invest tomorrow and thus qualify for the Part 2 bonus.

    I had to sell circa £10k in futures a fortnight ago in order to help fund a house purchase - so there's no way I'll be receiving any Part 1 bonus!

    In my case I may as well wait for Part 2 to commence before buying any futures in new players.

  • @ShaneH your reading that the same as me. Selling this morning equals no bonus for that 10k. Just £200 loss in commission.

  • People will have made capital appreciation, plus whatever bonus they have earned. There's the potential to make more capital appreciation and a further bonus.
    Why would people sell?
    FI is still very much in it's infancy and the further potential to expand is enormous.
    Just my opinion.

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