Vincent Janssen

  • Hi All

    Vincent Janssen
    currently £0.34, relatively low risk investment.
    Will almost certainly feature at some point tonight, and remaining Spurs games.
    Personally I would like to see him start as I feel he offer more than Llorente, just needs to be given a chance.
    Having seen his brief little appearances lately as a sub, he looks hungry to impress. Just needs a goal to get his confidence up. And tonight could be that night. I feel he has something to prove to Pochettino, and if nothing else will more than likely be sold in the summer. Which could see a rise in his price.

    Could be worth a punt with quite a low risk..

    Anyone else agree?

  • @WLR10 He won't tonight he's not in the squad.

  • @WLR10 Yeh, it's Llorente tonight in the absence of Kane & Son.

    Janssen wasn't named in the Champions League squad submitted to UEFA.

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