• Anybody got a predicted line up for tonight, good chance for PB for whoever plays but unsure who will start up top (assuming Mbappe is suspended)

  • Is Neymar available? Sofascore predicted line up below. I have Paredes so hope that is true.


  • I believe so, rumours of a ban for his conduct at the weekend but nothing concrete yet. Hoping that team is accurate, got Neymar, Cavani and Marquinhos!

  • @Michael said in PSG:

    I believe so, rumours of a ban for his conduct at the weekend but nothing concrete yet. Hoping that team is accurate, got Neymar, Cavani and Marquinhos!

    Cavani didn't travel apparently I am afraid.

  • @Michael Apparently any ban would not begin until after the Nice game, so he's definitely available tonight and on Saturday, Tuchel would be silly not to use Neymar for those 2 games, hardly like they've played well without him recently.

    This is predicted team from FotMob, same as Sofascore that @Zidave put, so there's hope


    This is predicted team from Rotowire

    0_1556628396779_Screenshot_20190430-144542_Chrome Beta.jpg

  • Here's the PSG line up


  • Get on Dani Alves


  • Something quite shocking in chupo moting playing in the same team as neymar.

    New game-name a larger gulf in class forward line!

  • Be nice for a Draxler goal as I brought 500 the other day.

  • Nice to see Dagba playing again. A goal from him would be nice!

  • anyone's thoughts on PSG being absolutely DOGSH*T at the moment???

    I used to look to them as PB certs on a Sunday night... the likes of Draxler, Meunier, Neymar, Mbappe....?

    Neymar got something like 40 points last night... I had to check if he was on the bench and only played the last ten or something???


    OK i get that winning the league was a procession & formality after the lord mayors show of their disappointing champions league exit but that doesn't mean you stop playing football from April onwards??? What about all these FI holders?????


    I presume next season they'll improve but if they still have ambition of becoming more than Europe's new Arsenal and actually going a step or two further than Champions League Quarter Finals they must spend BIG because the squad they have is simply not good enough for anything other than domestic success!

  • @dannypea I was almost expecting Tuchel to leave Neymar out, was really happy to see him start, big fat help that did, think it's a confidence problem for PSG, as for Neymar I'm guessing Tuchel was wrong to play him in the end, his head must be everywhere right now, probably his last game for a long time on Saturday against Nice, wonder if he'll play him 🤔

    I'm a little concerned holding him to be totally honest.

  • I think it knocked there confidence being dumped out of the champs league by a dogshit utd side!! 🤣

  • @dannypea

    Don't worry too much about PSG. They're just in poor form, Mbappe is suspended and Neymar is still returning to full fitness.

    Had Neymar scored last night (even without GWG) and PSG had won 3-2 (rather than losing 3-2), Neymar would have won PB as Top Forward. Fine margins.

    Either PSG and Neymar will improve in the final few matches of the season or I can see Neymar throwing his toys out of his pram (again) and trying to force a Summer transfer to Spain or England. Either way, I'm sure it will be happy days for Neymar holders.

    Even a 5-6 game ban for hitting that fan would generate some MB.

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