Buzz News & Information in Portfolio?

  • Is there any reason that we can't click on a players name to show information/news within the portfolio screen in the same way that we can in the Top 200/Squad lists?

    It'd be handy to see if there is a reason for price fluctuation on players within the portfolio without having to go to the Top 200 or squad players and find each player separately.

  • @BobbingBob unfortunately FI don't track the articles for the 'squad,' who are you interested in? You can ignore the majority of the squad with big increases as FI haven't updated it and they're showing increases from the day they left the squad (some weeks ago) a few are the new IPOs, Vardy & Hernandez both linked to Man U today.

  • not possible to do that from the portfolio at the mo. workaround would be to save the players you own in your watchlist

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