Odsonne Édouard

  • I’ve watched this guy a number of times this season and think he’s got a fair bit of potential. He’s big, strong, fast and gets goals, but also has good link up play too.

    He went to Celtic for their record fee and is getting plenty of game time which has only helped him and I can definitely seen him moving on to a bigger team soon like Dembele did.

    At 54p I can easily see him hitting in the £1 mark once a few inevitable links to PB league clubs come about.

    Anyone either a Celtic fan or got any thoughts on him?

  • Definitely worth the watch this guy.

    Read up alot about him recently. Alot of reports saying he was unlucky not to breakthrough at PSG, but due to his age and the number of stars ahead of him it was the best move away. Strikers are few and far between these days.

    He has played class for Celtic this year, especially in the Old Firm Derbys. Think he will be linked to the big clubs alot over the summer and at 21 has huge potential.

  • He is absolute shite

  • I happen to hold him, he looked decent in the games I’ve seen (mind you that’s only a couple). I got involved on the basis of his age and the fact he’s likely to move to a PB league soon which will certainly up his price. There has been a fair few decent players move from Celtic to the prem over the past couple of years (Van Dijk & wanyama) and people typically write off players in the SPL until they get their move, so you can find some good value there.

    He also looks class in a YouTube vid which always gets me hooked.

  • @Cameron-Duffy lol.. constructive. Interested to hear your thoughts though if you’d care to expand?

  • Banned

    I got on him at 46p, has a decent future on here when he moves to PB league, and I am sure it is only a matter of time before PL lower-midtable clubs start looking at him as a serious option.

  • @MrWh1te I’ve just gone big on him. Not sure about a move this summer but highly likely next!

  • Banned

    @NewUser262223 nice. only 300 shares for me

  • Yeah nice one, I've bought in too. No brainer considering the quality he has at such a young age and he's averaging a goal every other game for Celtic. Good return for a 21 year old.

    "Odsonne" his price doubling within the year? ;)

  • @Cameron-Duffy

    I’m sensing a bitter Rangers fan...

  • @Cameron-Duffy

    Was shite today wasn’t he...

  • As a rangers fan I would say he’s definitely worth watching and a good investment will be the playerthey sell for decent money to the EPL next season

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