To all worried about the drop tomorrow. Or any people thinking about withdrawing. Click here.

  • Should i panic, ive dropped £3 and rose £2.... 😂😂😂😂 haha

  • @Hold-The-Door no hold steady hold the door ;)

  • @LuaLua haha i know lol. 👍. Cant really do sarcasm on here.. although it does seem like strange activity. Im thinking people saw the gains over the past 2 weeks and are trying to get in early for this one

  • when does my bonus actually come onto my account?

  • I've just sat and stared for 20min, possibly blinked a couple of times, 1st minute looked like big sell off, then it's been 95% buy 5% sell, some of the drops in my portfolio were not even being sold, in fact people were purchasing which can only mean one thing, most people willing to sell are using the queue, why would people consider using IS anyway?? Pay 2% plus a spread, doesn't make sense when other traders will be buying for stage 2... Anyway it's early days but very comforting to see people obviously using market rather than IS 🙌

  • @Andy-M I don't sell often but how long usually will it take to get a sale on market?

  • @Andy-M Instant sell has been disabled since around 00:05 it seems

  • not much happening now. from what ive seen over the last 40 mins..

    lots of shares in the queue
    quite a bit of money went straight into the top MB players which offset the share listing and increased a few (Sancho went up a couple of pence, mbappe up about 5p)

    IS being disabled is a bit of a concern... was it proactive or reactive? maybe some sell offs when that re-opens.


    we haven't had our bonus yet, so that will be a lot of new investment money


    the big boys with their £40k will be waiting for the inevitable sell off (or anticipating it at least) so will let the dust settle before weighing in

    Overall hard to say what the next few days might look like. But I am 99% sure whatever dip comes will be insignificant to the positive week we just had (hopefully most of us anyway... I made £700 ish yesterday and £500 ish the two preceding days)

  • @jay Absolutely no way to know mate, sorry.

    @NewUser11741 hmmmm that's strange, surely just certain players that many traders want to dump, so many people buying non stop for those 20min so maybe a hint from FI to put on market, doubt they'd do that though, try selling 1 future in another player and I'm sure it'll work 😉

  • I would be amazingly suprised if any dip out ways the rises in the last week, I don't mind seeing red for a couple of days, might be a bit of a reality check anyway!

  • @Andy-M tried a few sales of 1 future on all different players, doesnt work

  • @NewUser11741 hmmmm, that's not telling us a lot about the drop off then, ok cheers mate 👍

  • Port very slowly dropping. Not fussed. Great week for the index. Great week for me. Happy to lose a tenner tonight if I get my 1k in the mornin.

  • yeh and good news is it doesn't look like anyone will wake up seriously burned. going mostly off my port but also a quick assessment of market values... there is a slight drop but its the odd penny or two off a lot of players. Rather than a bunch dropping like 10p+

    ive lost about £50 since midnight and no single player in my port has dropped more than 4p (VVD takes that honour of 4p... the others are 1s n 2s).

  • So just woken up in India (3am UK) to see my port looking pretty good.

    When do we expect the bonus to be paid out?
    If I sell now I assume the bonus will still be received at some point?

    Just worried people will sell when waking up in UK/Europe.

  • Slight drop in my port this morning, but still up 0.5% over the last 24 hours and 5% over 7 days. I wonder if some people are waiting for the bonus to be paid before selling up, or just haven't woken up yet. Guess not everyone has 5am starts 🤦‍♂️.

  • @NewUser35208 taking the 10% and running would not cause a drop at all. That money is not currently in the market.

  • It would if lots of users did the same! Its inevitable really you offer people the chance of £1000 with no re-spend limit of course people are gona run with the money. Deposit at 11:50 10 mins to spend £10000. Take your £10000 back in the morning with free money.

  • @NewUser35208 history shows it hasn’t happened. In any case my view is there may be a small drop followed by more significant investment and a rise to
    A point higher than we are now

  • My port has dropped about 0.6% since midnight. Still 0.8% up over the last 24 hours.

    Just the odd penny or two here and there.

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