Moise Kean

  • Looking at Moise Kean’s graph, is he about to have a large rise again? He has recently had a large dip but is back rising again. I currently hold 50 shares in him but I am thinking about investing more.

    He is currently trading at 2.31 but his peak was 2.91, so if he reaches that he will have had a 26% increase, but if he plays well next year he could surpass that. He seems to be in the FI community’s eye so may pick up dividends.

    I missed out on his meteoric rise last time so don’t want to make the same mistake again haha!

  • @NewUser212623 said in Moise Kean:

    to be in the FI community’s eye so may pick up dividends

    This is not how dividends work. If you go to the top of the forum I advise you read the pinned post it explains everything in great detail.

  • Hes been linked with Inter today.

    Inter Milan have held talks with Mino Raiola about a potential deal for Juventus striker Moise Kean, according to Corriere dello Sport.

    The Serie A champions are prepared to trade Mauro Icardi for the 19-year-old, who has scored seven goals in 14 appearances this term.


  • I topped up this morning. With Juventus having won the league he should get a lot more game time

  • @SamVee I seen this. Bad news for both Moise Kean & Icardi holders...

  • @Ericali Potentially, however do you think he'd play more at Inter?

    Every time he plays he seems to score!

  • @SamVee Well his pb scores aren't amazing yet so its more beneficial for him to be wherever he can score more.
    and Mb potential shrinks at inter.

  • @SamVee with 7 in 14 actually "every other time he plays he seems to score!"

  • @SamVee I think holders were hoping for either, or both to get links with PL sides. The move suggested with garner little attention for both & their MB potential will plummet as a result.

  • I can't see Juventus allowing him to join Inter though and with Mandzukic ageing and Dybala probably leaving, He should stay and play a lot more next season alongside Ronaldo.

  • @S4KUR I agree...altho not like he's gonna be getting much pb with ronaldo there.

  • @BigBob

    I should have said every time he starts he seems to score.

    Serie A - 3 starts - 4 goals
    International - 2 starts 2 goals
    Coppa Italia - 1 Start - 1 goal

  • @S4KUR True. In Italy, moving away from Juve means stepping down.

    IMO, Icardi is more likely moving to an EP club or Madrid than to Juve.

  • @Victory great player, but surly top level clubs must view Icardi as toxic and go after someone else insted.

  • @Misto English clubs and Real can turn him from toxic to gold by putting £££ into his bank account ...

  • disagree on the transfer why would mean want to leave the perfect environment getting games and playing well ? in addition he has Ronaldo to look up to . I invested before the split at £3 so £1 today and sold the majority at his peak (£2.90s) I think he has huge potential so have held a couple but I don't see him moving and Juve have nothing to play for so don't see much price change till next season other that a slight increase

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