Trader of the Month Competition 2018

  • Happy to hear suggestions for the Trader of the Month competition in 2018. Fire away!

  • What do you mean by suggestions? For What, prizes? Rules?

  • If you can explain what the 2017 scoring was and What the 2017 concept was we can give ideas for 2018

  • More along the lines of the rules/format:
    No. of buys/sells
    % increase
    £ increase
    Dividend Wins

  • @NewUser93040 scoring was 10 points for every buy

  • % increase would be interesting

  • % increase or % dividends of total portfolio would be good as then it's open for everyone to win rather than just people pouring in £10,000 a month

  • @NewUser9338

    If It was a compatition based on performance of a calender month It should be based purely on the increase on the shares brought between 1st and 31st January and the amount Of futures! If you buy say 10000 futures and They increse by 5% over the month You score 50000 points this means the winner is rewarded for his skill and custom to FI If a winner is based only on spend someone could lose -1% and still win,under this system with someone buying 10000 futures with a decrease Of -1 % would score only 1000 points against the guy who got 50000 due to his skill and judgement... Thats my idea be also good to send everyone there scores in a newsletter e-mail so they can get involved and be part Of the TOTM build a comunity... also a wall of fame for the all Time record points holder on this system. Hope that helps

  • i guess someone could win by buying ten futures tho, so maybe the big spenders still deserve consideration

  • Criteria Of investment for TOTM £1k minimum spend for the qualifying month

  • @NewUser93040 that's just ridiculous your exclude so many traders

  • would include way more than the current who spends the most criteria

  • @Noirx4

    I am not sure if we all grasp the serious aspect Of the site. When i say to quality a minimum spend Of £1000 a month the last winner Lee id imagine will spend a £1000 a day not a month when i speak about this amount im talking has a play through amount for example at xmas i got a £60 bonus to withdrew i Had to play through times 20 which took me a week.

    At moment ive about 4k in futures before i joined here i was a VIP member of online casino If you see Mr Coles pitch on Seedrs you will understand stockmarket and gambling to some is a vise and also big bussiness the beauty of FI is they not care If you invest £1000 or £1 a day Its for all budgets

    However the higher the spend maintains the site staff and overheads at start of this thread were told 1 share 10 points my futures averige over £1 each Maybe nearer £1.50 hence TOTM winner on around 245,000 times That be buy price divide by 30 and You will see many traders probably work on a £1000 play though

    A Fruit machinę pays Maybe 98% a Spin 2% here is there comission so £1000 a day play through should = on avarage a £20 loss across the whole site however here Has a better chance Of winning than anywhere else Has Its fair and on knowledge and judgement

    £1000 playthrough Maybe 120 Neymars a day for example (dont sound allot when we say It like that)

    £20 in England 2 pints and a packet Of fags to many

    So back to the minimum spend i wasnt meaning to offend anyone however there are brokers gamblers housewifes studants everyone here.

    A £40,000 playthough in real terms is Maybe a £800 monthly spend ive gambled more than That elsewhere in a month so i respect this ethic after a hard days work (my view)

    If You buy and sell enough (trade) Its not allot.

    Respect to everyone but the skill is about spend and timing

  • @NewUser93040 the skill is about how you use the cash you have have portfolio of over £3k but I think everyone should have a chance of winning trader of the month with skill not just by buying it.

  • biggest percentage rise - small, medium & large portfolio winners

  • @NewUser9338

    Sounds Good to me
    Maybe. Group 1 over £10000 spend £500 prize
    Group 2. 1000 to £1000 spend. £100 prize
    Group 3 £50 to £1000. £50 prize

    On percentage rise criteria over at least 10 different players

  • @FI_Tom is there a place to see the live rankings for January's competition?

  • @NewUser73132 could the prize be split. One for the big bucks players and one for the more modest players. It seems silly to penalize folk who are making a good return on their investment even if they are only playing with a small bank.

  • @FI_Tom how about something for the forum people like £10 per month for top forum member. I'd say first one to agatello for all his work previewing the ipos

  • % Increase plus % dividends so everyone can compete weather you have a small capital or large portfolio

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