I joined March 2019 and I.......

  • Be interesting to see others that have joined the same time as me, and share success and failures. Obviously if you joined in another month and year - title a thread the same and lets see how people have got on and share stories.

    I have to date put £899.50 into my portfolio and if I sold everything quick sale, including dividends etc I would walk away £105.11 up, which is 11.69%.

    I joined with the serious intention of anything between 4 and 7 % return would make me happy, so obviously nearly doubling that in a month is good.

    The main thing I have learnt from this platform in the month, is don't panic sell, the number of times I have seen a player 10% down only to sit at 8 or 9% in the green is silly.

    I try to have a balanced book, with 30 day flips, players that I sell as soon as they hit 15% ROI and also long term players - that said, the only long term players I have now are Marcus Rashford, Demarai Gray, and Tom Davies. The long term market is something I am going to have a real good look at around Oct/Nov when the inital Summer movements are complete and look at the young players loaned out from top clubs to further their development.

    I have also learnt to make sure you buy the right player - for example D.Silva IS NOT B.Silva at Man City - you live and learn.......I will not sell at a loss!!!! He will become that class player he once was!

    Check for injuries!!! Twice I have been bitten by this - De Maria and Ramsey the main two!

    But what the two things I have enjoyed the most are this community - great set of people with exception of 1 or 2 pump and dump dick heads and also the fact I lose less on betting - this scratches the itch to have a bet without losing it forever. A player may be red for a couple of weeks, but then booom he's green and you can wipe your feet after commission.

    OH, up another 5p!!!! And getting giddy over pennies!!!! That too.

  • @Millerman

    2 things...

    1 - The injury thing:
    I've been very badly stung by that too. It really is annoying. However, it's part and parcel of FI and I think it's so important to learn/accept that there will always be traders quicker to the trigger than you. Just ride the wave mate.

    2 - Your deposit total:
    £899.50? Put another 50p in please. That's burning my eyes.

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