Ronaldo Vieira

  • Had a look at this guy - 20 years old and English playing for sampdoria (moved from Leeds). So in terms of age and nationality he ticks the boxes for me, although he will need to start playing more regularly to be recognised on FI. He has gone up 15% this week though.

    I do try to think outside the box with my FI investments and they have worked out well for me so far (or most of them at least!). My thinking is that with a name like “Ronaldo vieira” this guy will automatically get more media coverage if he starts playing well and gets a big transfer in a few years time.

    Please do your research on this one before buying, you may think it is too much of a risk. Definitely one for the future and perhaps not a short term investment,

  • @NewUser212623

    I've got 300 futures.

    I'm in for the long ride. Will probably top up another 300 over the next few weeks.

  • Was very highly rated at Leeds before going to Italy, my understanding is that he should be much more a regular next season and that they are happy with his development so far this year. I have 1000 and will be doubling that tomorrow :)

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