• After a huge rise recently I am interested what other share holders are thinking about selling , with a move looking imminent in the summer to Bayern or Barca are you thinking to keep till window or sell in the late semis / finals if Ajax advance

  • I sold as he was over double what I paid for him and when he joins Barca I expect he will take a massive drop.

  • For a defender he seems hugely overpriced so having an exit plan is a good idea as at some point he is going to have a significant drop. His prospective transfer could support the price for a bit longer yet though. If you've got a decent profit id get out while the going's good.

  • Keep. I am going to keep mainly due to the buzz around him and well definitely earn media buzz thats for sure. It's also not 100% certain he will join Barcelona yet. The Ajax coach has apparently told him to join Liverpool to play alongside Van Djik as this will develop him even more as a player. It will also be a statement and a half if Liverpool beat Barcelona in the Semis. He too has also mentioned he would love to play alongside Liverpool so although Barcelona is the main contender (reported by the press) that is not a definite. Mainly keeping due to only can see him going up due to the champions league run, nations league and the move wherever that is to be

  • I am at least waiting for tomorrow to sell as bonuses however a large Ajax result tonight and I will keep him as captain of a cl final at 19 that will make press and he will rocket up again

  • @benmorley24 the Ajax manager said in a press conference , I don't know if you have seen , that he will most likely be leaving but the choice he said were Bayern and Barca however you may be correct but it doesn't impact much about where he goes

  • He’s definitely worth keeping for now, because of all the buzz over the Champions League + Transfer speculations.

  • @jay These are the articles I got it from

    Matthijs de Ligt urged to join Liverpool in summer transfer - by Ajax coach -

    Ajax coach tells Liverpool what they must do to sign Matthijs de Ligt this summer -

    Manchester United ‘given boost’ in pursuit of Liverpool and Barcelona target Matthijs de Ligt -

    de Ligt agents prefers a move to Old Trafford according to the article above

  • I have to say I'm tempted to get rid of mine shortly, only had a small holding and have made a nice little bit on him. Surely he cannot go much higher? If Ajax are in with a chance of progressing after tonight's game I will keep hold until the next leg, won't be for much longer though.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah why would signing for a bigger high profile club and moving from a non PB league to a PB league make his price go down?

    In wondering myself the best timing for an exit strategy, I just don't understand why this would be a reason for a drop.

  • @NewUser303261 I would imagine because most people are sitting on him until he gets the move, then there would be a big selling spree.

  • @NewUser303261

    Because people will realise that in reality, once the transfer is over, he is unlikely to be a major news story and the whole index is littered with awesome defenders worth peanuts.

    In terms of the Liverpool link, Van Dijk is a PB and MB regular and is only 20p more than De Ligt. That suggests a very close ceiling and I believe stacked up against Van Dijk the price would seem poor value.

  • @NewUser303261 said in DE LIGT:

    @Tikka-Mo-Salah why would signing for a bigger high profile club and moving from a non PB league to a PB league make his price go down?

    In wondering myself the best timing for an exit strategy, I just don't understand why this would be a reason for a drop.

    Coutinho plummeted when he joined Barca.

    If DL joins them he isn't going to be an automatic start like Coutinho. He isn't going to get the goals and assists like Coutinho. He wont have the history of playing in the prem for liverpool so wont generate MB when playing the top 6 of the prem.

    If he doesn't join the prem he will plummet as that's what history has shown. I decided to take my doubled investment and get out before I get caught like I did with Coutinho.

    The only grace with coutinho was I pi led up MB nearly every day for a month. If DL gets an early transfer to Barca, there wont be much MB.

  • Fair points however I disagree that de ligt wouldn't be a certain starter he would be one of the first on the team sheet Imo

  • @benmorley24 thank you for this was unaware , however he could join any club in the world and the price won't be affected by the club

  • I think the best move is see the result tonight (think it will be close anyways) and if they look out sell if they look to advance I am going to sell my shares during the cl final

  • @jay I reckon if he joins a prem team he would either increase or stay the same however, if he joins like Barcelona he would decrease just purely because the amount of media coverage prem players get thats all

  • @benmorley24 Oh I agree for sure , even if he joined pre I don't think he would rise too much due to the undervalue of defenders

  • Holding to the final I'm confident

  • @jay
    Definitely worth holding atleast until the end of the season. Roll on the constant rise 🙌🏼 Everyone is after this fella. 19 years of age and plays like a 30 year old world class experienced defender ⚽️

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