Short term vs Long term holds?!

  • So, like many I am new to the game. Trying to learn what’s best and what isn’t.

    I now have a few players in my portfolio who are starting to make nice little profits (10-20% ROI).

    Naturally though, any spikes are usually followed by dips. Off the top of my head I had Hudson Odoi and Moise Kean who about 3 weeks ago were doing very well, I held them, and now they aren’t.

    My question is, once a player is healthily up, is the best thing then to sell up completely, bank the profits, and reinvest all of it in other players elsewhere with the hope of doing the same? Or just be patient, and hold everybody?

    What do people like doing/ get most success from doing?


  • Depends on the player and situation to be honest , With moise mean I sold on peak before the drop however I do think he will spike again due to his age talent and current record and CHO I actually brought into when he fell and I am doing very well so it all depends on the scenario the one advice id say is just don't panic sell as all players will peak at least a few times over the next 3 years

  • Yeah it does depend on your stratagy and the player. i hold all mine long term as im not always available to be trading daily, but for that i do go heavy for PB/MB players as i feel like long term they will always rise above the rest.. trends will always come and go but in my opinion this platform always has and always will be driven by dividends.
    id say if u want to go long term go for proven dividend winners, if u want short term right now u would need to be looking at this summers tranfer window.

  • There’s not a one size fits all solution.

    If you pick a young quality player, he will be worth more in 3 years.

    If you pick the right old crap one, he might be worth more tomorrow.

    Not a lot of help I know, but it’s the truth.

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