Getting an IPO quickly

  • Is there a secret to getting an IPO immediately they come out/issued!! Is there a better chance using a tablet or PC? Or is it just simply that people just sit constantly refreshing till the player appears then buys before others?? Please help/advise and good luck to all this weekend!

    I've only invested a small amount so far and up about 4%, but loving FI

  • @NewUser68854 been asking that question a while now and personally think there's something sinister going on...!

  • i know what you mean mate, during the week i was constantly checking every 5 mins to see if Pietro Pellegri had been added. 1 minute he wasnt on it, 5 mins later he was on it at over 70% higher than what his start off price was meant to be. Same deal on friday with Willem Geubbels, one minute he wasnt on it and then the next he was but at more than double his start off price of 30p. Almost impossible to get the most sought after IPOs at their starting price.

  • it's basically lots of users going for the same player at the same time, so trial & error, luck come into it a lot

  • Always interesting to keep an eye on the User Activity box when a hot IPO launches - same names every time selling into the buying frenzy

  • Agree - Brewster same issue (literally 1 minute I got in) at major premium to IPO start price. Adding salt to the wound, significant drop and now carrying a large loss....

    Maybe FI can provide users with a fairer way of getting the Player when IPO’d, a quick application button would work where all users can apply up to maximum (say 500) and get futures within 5p of IPO price - and for over subscribed players your purchase volume is scaled down, at least you purchase at reasonable price - bit like how New share offerings work. Would make fairer and avoid the bots and/ or favoured traders (if preference buyer status exists) getting on the new IPO before us standard traders can.

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