Market rise

  • Interested since the market cut whats stopping the players inflate to what they once were with this game growing , just curios

  • Not much!

    If you believe that prices are a function of dividend yield, then the cut to dividends in real terms (e.g. 5p to 2p for MB) means players are far less attractive at the top end. For example, if Pogba got back to £24, a MB dividend win would be a 0.08% yield which isn’t exactly exciting.

    However.... the theory is that the next logical step for FI is to increase dividends again as more money flows into the platform, which would increase yields and push prices ever further back up towards their previous levels.

  • @Coleyscrooge thanks

  • I think it will fly the market Tomoz, everyone is buying now knowing that the big fish with pots of 40k plus will be bumping up transfer and media boys

    I reckon that come the start of the new season we may have a div increase to stop and kind of fall out from the market after the promo finishes on July 1st keep everyone interested 😉

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