Oleksandr Zinchenko (Man City)

  • Any thoughts or insight on Zinchenko?

    Only 22 years old, already played 30 games at City, with 5 assists this term, picking up a WhoScored average of 7.23 for Man City. Doesn't seem bad terrible for 65p

  • @Dan-The-Man 2 issues with him for me.

    1. He's usually back up to Mendy. Mendy spends most his time injured but if he's not then Zinchencko doesn't get much of a look in. Guardiola does seem to rate him though so this could change.

    2. He's listed as a midfielder. As he plays left back this negatively affects him for pb. He doesnt have as many shots as he would playing in midfield and as a defender he's automatically 25 points behind the rest of the Man City defence when they keep a clean sheet.

    Despite point 2 he does score well for pb as a baseline, I bet he would have won dividends if he were classed as a defender. If he gets reclassified then I'd be on him and keep for when Mendy is injured, I think he'd be very good value as he's got a load of ability.

  • @Joev

    Any idea how often they reclassify players?

  • I held for a while. Price was quite stagnant. So I got out when it rose a little. Decent player, and getting good game time for city so I expect he will rise at some point, So long as city don't sign someone that relegates him to the bench permanently. Think your money is better spent elsewhere at the moment though.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    No idea to be honest. I remember logging in to see I'd lost money on Gnabry when he got reclassified. One of those where the market reacts so quickly you'll lose out if you wait. He's probably not a bad one to hold and wait, if he keeps playing as left back then I'm sure it'll happen and there'll be a rise to be had straight away.

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