The Last Few Quid

  • Well I’ve contributed pretty much bugger all to the array of recent cheap player threads, much to the relief of many I should imagine, but in my attempt to find something potentially worthy to do with my last 100 quid to get me to the 10k I bumped into Luca Vido. Just turned 22 year old forward on loan to Perugia in Serie B this season from Atlanta. 9 goals and 3 assists in 30 games in a mid table side whilst not stunningly exciting is also not so bad. He also played 4 times for Italy under 20s in 2017. Not one I might normally get too excited about but bearing in mind you can get 500 of the little fellow for less than 100 quid (19p from 18p following my intervention) if you find yourself like me looking to make that last tenner of bonus, not too daft an idea either. There,....I’m done. 😊

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