Ryan Gravenberch

  • Considering how good Ajax already are and with this gem of a youngster coming through he will have a great platform to showcase his talent.
    Seen him play handful times and he’s getting rave reviews from top coaches / journalists.
    Gonna go heavy today on him to ride on the Ajax wave and take advantage of his low price.

    Reckon I’ll double up by end of year 😬

    Any thoughts appreciated..

  • Why not, the rate at which youngsters rise these days means anything can happen.
    Brewster - £2.64
    Greenwood - £3.32
    Sessegnon - £2.17

  • these are all english...big difference on an english platform

  • I agree there is more interest in English players, but everyone seems to be looking to hop on the next star, VJ, Rodrygo are also flying.
    But a young player with a bit of flair will gain traction quickly

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