What's going on with odegaard?

  • Looks all but confirmed he'll be at ajax next season. Ok no PB but champions league football, obvious chance to follow in the footsteps of de Jong, van de beek etc, yet going down like a cheap hooker. I just wonder what people think the reason is.

    For me either people are abandoning him because hes staying in the eredivisie, or they are just putting their money elsewhere for the time being.

    The state Madrid are in, I just wonder if he soared early this month because people thought he might be a regular there next season and are now dumping as that looks unlikely to be the case.

    I just wonder what peoples thoughts are?

  • A lot of players at the moment will be rocketing because of potential move to a PB league from a non pb league... Or a shitty pb team to a good pb team etc.

    The second that doesn't come to fruition they will crash.

    Odegard could have been loaned or sold to a PB team... As he hasnt been people don't want their money tied up in him for a year for the next chance. They will sell and if course buy back in if ajax do well in CL again etc

  • Be wary of all transfers... Ndombele for instance has rocketed because a few EPL teams are interested... But if he goes from lyon to Juve his price will come down again... In FI terms a move to Burnley is better than a move to Juve!

  • Cheers mate, see what your saying about Burnley strikes a chord. I really rate odegaard but even I must concede that hed be unlikely to be as big a part of the team at real as he hopefully will at ajax. For me, that's a reason to hold. I guess people are just massively concerned about PB

  • @MickTurbo
    Pb ipd and mb are the only way that players make money.
    You may say cap app is a way to make money but that appreciation should all be driven by winning dividends or the chance of winning them.

    That said the index doesn't always work like that. but thats not something you can control and will figure out with time. I'd reccomend going after dividends, the cap app will follow.

    Read the thread pinned at the top of the forum and it has loads teaching about divs.

  • topped up earlier with my deposit. He’s unbelievable and they’ll be plenty of more transfer speculation this summer with him

  • @NewUser206227 there is a time to buy tho... We have a long summer paying 5 places MB (33% increase to usual in payouts EVERY DAY)
    that's a lot of money to be had... So all the ipd and PB players and players in non pb leagues will dip as traders move funds into the biggest transfer sagas.

    Now odegard definitely won't be in any transfer saga or move to a PB league increasing his worth... He will plummet. He probably won't bottom out until start of new season... Where money might trickle in to hope for some European game pb/ipd.

    The time to buy him for me, unless ajax do something incredible again in CL, will be about this time next year when rumours of him moving to a PB league will surface again.

    You are taking a double hit... 1) buying while his price is likely to dip 2) losing or flatlining that investment while a good section of the market will make lots of money over summer

    So yeh... Don't panic.. At some point in the next 3 years you could make good profit on that trade... But always consider the cycle of a players worth (and risks associated) as you could be losing massively in opportunity costs!

  • No PB, no chance now of a dragged out transfer and MB so your relying on him to be the one standout player each CL night to get any return. In a PB league with IPD's he would be great, but not in Erediv

  • it was also rumoured to be a 2 year loan, so no transfer spec the year after either

  • Appreciate all of your input. He started out as a long term hold and nothings really changed in that regard. Suppose it was fairly foreseeable really. A much better outcome would have probably been a loan to the Bundesliga but suppose that's the game, pay ya money take ya chance, still think he'll go to the top tho personally, and as I'm still comfortably in the green on him it's not exactly panic stations

  • He is going to drop rapidly, imo sell him and buy someone else. A 2 year loan will kill his price, you make back the loss easily on someone else.

  • I IS fairly early yesterday for £25 loss. Already £10 up on the players I reinvested in. No point having dead money sat there doing nothing

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