Frenkie De Jong

  • To those who have him... what are your plans? I'm personally thinking of holding on until they (hopefully) reach the final, then re-evaluating. Can't see him rising much once he goes to Barca.

  • If they reach final I would say sell immediately after full time can't see him going up once at Barca looking to do the same with my Ajax players

  • Holding for the long term, will be a PB monster in my opinion, the next Kroos.

    He didn't pass the ball that much today, yet still a score of 145...Imagine once he's in that Barca side.

    Won't rise much during the summer, but I reckon he'll be touching that £3+ mark by the end of this year.

  • Not selling lol, one of my first purchases purely for next year, he'll earn a lot of pb. Guy is cheap imo

  • Only been on the platform for roughly 2/3 weeks and held him since day 1, not an expert yet but from what I can see his pb scores in the last few champions league games have been really good. Can only improve at Barcelona? I hope...

  • @Joe-A the worry is that he is going there as a young talent, but they rotate a lot

    recent weeks they've had rakitic, busquets, vidal, Malcolm on the bench. Lots of competition

  • Hold for me, he'll get PB at Barca with all that passing

  • @Harmonica who's the last Barca player apart from Messi or Alena last week to win PB.

    Not being funny, genuinely interested as I dont pay to subscribe to any of the tracker sites.

    They rotate a lot, and there's more to PB than passing...IE 58 for winning goal / win straight away.

  • @Munchie63 Alba. v good value pb player.

  • @Munchie63 40 goal, 40 GWG, 3 for a shot, 5 on target, 18 for a win that's 106 not 58 mate 😁

  • I don’t hold but think he’ll win PB quite often at Barca. Will see what price he drops to when they finish their Champions League run and decide whether to buy them or leave him.

    If I owned him now I’d hold for sure.

  • @LuaLua funny enough I hold him LOL

    Badly worded my me...I meant from their midfield. Its the strikers getting the game winning goal and Alba or Messi, Coutinho / Dembele with dribbles and crosses. So for all Busquets nice little passes and breaking up play, he is cheap as chips...because he doesnt win PB. In fact, Oriol Busquets is only a few pence less than Sergio.

  • @Andy-M now, now......That was the game winning goal plus a win (40 and 18) so 58

    My point was even if De Jong makes loads of passes, unless he scores as well, then 1 goal from Messi or the rest of that attack force whizzes them past the midfield lynchpin on PB's

  • @Munchie63 I agree. If ajax were in a pb league de jong would smash it such a high pb average. At barca I agree with you i'm not sure. Won't be the main man there.

    midfield wise Vidal busquets and rakitic have won below 10p combined I think. High risk for me. Do think he'll get pb a few times but not enough to warrant price.

  • @Munchie63 said in Frenkie De Jong:

    They rotate a lot, and there's more to PB than passing...IE 58 for winning goal / win straight away.

    Not sure why you are correcting me ?? You clearly said winning goal mate, is there another winning goal that isn't game winning goal?? Very confused, plus u always get shot and on target.

  • @LuaLua Its just one of those FI things that a player can be very good and influence a game but not suit the PB matrix.

    The GWG has a huge affect on the PB scoring. Tonight DVB was 180. De Jong 145.

    De Jong can pass it around and dominate the midfield, But goals make the difference. That said, messi, Dembele etc are forwards so that top midfield slot could be open

  • @Andy-M No, you're scoring is bang on mate. It was my wording that was bad.

    The other poster was saying that De Jong will get loads of PB because of all that passing. My point was just to beat the GWG and win he's going to have to knock it about a heck of a lot....58pts,,,,,,Plus, as you said, the points for the goal, shot etc.

    I think we do agree with each other

  • If they get a tiki taka manger next then I will reevaluate.

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