West Ham linked with everyone!!!

  • As we all know West Ham are always linked with everyone! West Ham do a podcast on a Wednesday night and sometimes they pre-record on a Tuesday, which happened last night. For those that don't know EXWHUEMPLOYEE is the only source at West ham worth listening too, he is rarely wrong. So to get to the point these are the players the club really wants this summer.

    Maxi Gomez - He is at Celta Vigo, he has a 22mil release clause if they go down which is in the balance, other big clubs also like the look at him so I think he will move regardless of West Ham getting him or not.

    Guillermo Maripan - Defnder at Alaves, nice and cheap currently at 35p

    Leonardo Koutris - And lastly a player not on the Index from Olympiacos. If he moves he should be added.

    What does everyone else think?

  • I think they will be linked with just about every striker there is. I'm not a West Ham fan, but as far as I can tell they will probably want to offload about 4 under performing strikers this summer if they can. Personally I reckon they will sign two. A younger player who can adapt to the premier league, maybe someone like Maxi Gomez. But they will also want someone who can hit the ground running and I see they are linked heavily with Marega. who would be a perfect match.

  • I expect what will happen is West Ham will be linked with loads of sensible buys, a few mad ones(one paper will say they are preparing a bid for someone like Icardi), then they will end up buying Rondon when Mike Ashley doesn't stump up transfer funds for Newcastle again.

  • Maxi Gomez is great value and will probably leave in the summer

  • Danny Drinkwater the other day but could work out a cheap player at 22p

  • Isn't Otamendi coming in from Man City @44p he could a PB goldmine, goal scoring defender who plays every week.

  • Same names were on BBC sport this morning.

    Maxi was one we were linked with last summer and Jan, but once again the owners didnt want to pay £40 Mill. Rumour was he didnt fancy the move either. Not many Uruguayan's come to PL and a move to a top team in Spain or Italy seems likelier.

    good player though.

    Maripan is from Chile, same as ze boss and we bought Balbuena, a Paraguayan last summer, With Reed and Oxford coming off the books another CB is very likely, so this may go through.

    I think Koutris a left back. We have Cresswell and Masuaku. An upgrade on both would be good, but I think the money needs to go on a RB, not LB. Unless this guy is cheap I'm not sure

  • @NewUser187997

    Is Arnautovic going to China?

    West Ham have been shaky ever since that happened. Also, they put Nasri on the books, he's played brilliantly but only had 246 minutes of football.

  • @Dan-The-Man It looks like Nasri will not be retained, too injury prone and Arnautovic I think is unlikely as his form has been terrible since Jan (apart form a great assist against Spurs :-) )

  • Remember they were linked to Zapata during the transfer window and actually had a bid turned down. They could retry.

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