Van de Beek

  • Hi guys.. . Interesting player... only 22.. he plays high up the pitch for ajax.. .so likely to score goals.. also certain to play in the next natch against spurs and a possible champions league final .. and possible move on the cards.
    Y would people consider selling.. they losing out in the long run.. . Any thoughts.. .

  • @Zola25 People probably cashing in on investment when they reach a level they happy with. I is only profit when you cash out at the end of the day.

  • @Clover Your right, I just cashed out my shares on him with a decent profit. Start to regret now as he is one of the most exciting young midfielders in Europe. I see him has characters of both Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes

  • I've held but did make stupid money on him yesterday so can see if why a lot of people saw that as his peak... Plus easy to sell...

    He had already had a good cap ap day due to the bonus... Then he scored which always sees price to high then midnight sell off.

  • Van de Beek is a player I rate very highly. He could well become the next world class Iniesta type player.

    I've flipped him three times over the last four months, all for significant profits.

    But what happens if he doesn't join a club in a PB league this Summer? Can he sustain his circa £1.90 price (i.e. £5.70 in old money) if he's playing European football only with Ajax?

  • think he's my new favourite player in world football.. reminds me of a young Roy Keane/Steven Gerrard he gets about the pitch well smashing tackles in and working hard likes to get forward is inventive and times his runs well and provides space for himself and others, certainly has an eye for goal... the best midfielder potentially in the upcoming generation???

    That said as above he might not leave Ajax this summer and that means limited PB opps but i think after a short term dip the longer term picture is rises amongst the rumours and with his own growth stretched out for longer periods the growth of FI which will also hopefully continue will continue to boost this furthermore??

    Wouldn't say he's a top buy for short term traders but anyone thinking of holding over 6 months I would get in now (or at leasdt in the summer) if you haven't done so already!!!

  • @ocs123 can he stustain his price or why not go on to reach his price in old money before the share split? Whats stopping all the players from hitting pre share split price?

  • @NewUser328715 totally agree!!!!

    I think a lot of people nervously state that players are overvalued and they often show concern on what is ceiling price or their worth in 'real' terms but they forget that FI is still in its infancy and is a hugely growing platform that will continue to have upwards investment thrown in to it which will have a positive effect across the 'whole' market...

    If FI continues to grow... ALL those players at the top of the game will grow in value whether they are PB based or not?

  • Dvdb could be very good for pb week in week out. Very small sample size to look at but goalscoring box to box midfielders normally do well.

  • 72 van de beek. 11games
    119 ziyech 10games

    Average pb, ziyech’s Is very high, prob why his price is higher.

  • @Victory Spot on, it’s very tempting to cash in when such huge rises are seen during a match. I almost did, then decided to wait until I thought he’d bottomed out the day after, and topped up. He’s got a big match next week and probable CL final. If he carries on flying like he has he could go stratospheric in a few weeks, with more pb to boot.

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