Estimated Growth?

  • Ok so the first part of Summer promotions over I am doing some sums and deciding on my next move as far as FI is concerned.

    I wondered how you guys who have invested thousands rather than hundreds are seeing the platform and what your estimated % growth is likely to be over the next year. Obviously using past growth is a good indicator but due to the speed of growth in previous years are you factoring in a slow down or levelling. I know it depends on who you invest in individually so a ball park figure of % growth over FI as an average would be interesting.

  • 39.7% joined end of November early December.

    Want at least 80%+ by Xmas this year.

  • Nice !!! Thank you for your input. Have you a plan for the next year, two or three years. Have you got 39% profit in your balance or is that in your port, IE you are still holding?

    I only ask as I am considering the benefits of holding long term much like a savings account with the possibility of 5%-10% profit over a couple of years against cashing out holds regularly as and when they have spikes of 15%-20%.

    Of course their is the inherent risk overall but if your 39% holds over a full year the growth is favouring holding but if you hold as is ,with no buys or sells, and it levels to 5% then taking profit on the spikes would provide security on your investments.

    Obviously you have joined at a point where we have had a wave of market adjusting promotions and a share split. So the % growth may or may not be inflated and you stated you are looking for 80% come Xmas. Out of interest is your figure out of 80% based on data suggesting that expected growth or hope?🤗

  • I am at 25% growth since joining end of November'18. I was up to 35% growth but I deposited a lot recently for the 10% bonus which has pulled my ROI down.

    Hoping for a minimum of 50% by end of the year. That would be just dandy. :)

  • Reading on here I was hoping for 5% a month I’ve been on 3 months and I’m nearly double that and a big chunk of my deposits was only 4 weeks ago,if I can stick to 5% a month I will be more than happy.

  • 10% growth per month would be nice.

  • my port got to £26,000 last night - I am taking out £5k plus the bonus... and allowing to lose £1000 on the dip. Hoping to then have a stable £20k port going into summer.

    By Xmas i'd like to earn a 3-5k on that.

  • Started in Jul last year
    Total invested £16k
    Port Value £30.4 K
    90% Roi

    Long term plan is to continue to drop £1k at each ROI target point reached until I have a port value of £50k (at this point my deposit total should be £23k

    At this point I intend to start slowly de-risking by withdrawing dividends as well as any excess that I may have over £50k at the end of each month with the end game of having zero cash invested and £50k total profit port.

    If the platform continues to perform as it has done I would hope to achieve this in around 18months.

    At this point I might mention it to the other half.

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Estimated Growth?:

    At this point I might mention it to the other half.

    Glad i'm not the only one!

    If she found out how much money I had in here she would be out this weekend car/handbag/holiday/furniture shopping.

  • @Advinculas-Index said in Estimated Growth?:

    At this point I might mention it to the other half.

    the bane of us all... if I told her id made £5k she would just panic and want me to call it quits. I have to keep withdrawing enough that I can pay for whatever she wants without being suspicious. During the bonus period she bought German engineered awning that can detect wind conditions or rain and automatically wind back in etc … that was £3500 … she finally got her new outdoor furniture set £2k... I lose sleep at night wondering how much I would have made in the last 2 weeks on that potential extra £5k I could have invested.

  • @Earshavewalls I invested £18k & have a portfolio value of £13,231 & a cash balance of £11,918.

    I'm basing the 80% on the fact I have nearly 8 months to reach another 40% increase when it has took me around 5 and a bit months to achieve the current 40%.

  • By my calculations a meager £1000 invested with a 10% profit per month would return a 214% over a year. The investment would have grown from £1000 to £3138.44 over 12 months. If this is possible and sustainable wouldn't it be prudent for investment to go through the roof from banks, business and government and therefore be in danger of manipulation on a large scale. You have all suggested a % per month that can only be dreamt of in any savings accounts or ISAs. Investment in the financial markets would be alerted to such returns and would also look to invest so my question is are they investing and if not why not?

  • @Chris-J
    Haha - so true. If I let the missus know then she would just be spending the money now.

    I’m at 3,750 from 2k last August.

    I’ve actually got 13,750 in at the moment as I put 10k in from a car loan I had out. Paused the car change for the 1k bonus. Might stretch that pause!

  • Joined two months ago at literally the perfect time. Put all my money on Sterling just before he had that massive rise. Then diversified. Then came ss and promotions so massive boost just because i came at right time. Un-maintainable growth. Hoping for 8-12% a month now.
    Altho hard to predict as have no idea the amount of new users coming in.

  • @Earshavewalls They can't there is very strict rules to what institutional investors can invest in. Gambling website is on the no no list.

  • @LuaLua I am not in any way questioning the platform or investors and I myself have had somewhere in the region of 60% growth but over 18 months but you hit on a point when you stated 'unmaintainable'.

  • @Earshavewalls Well 60% is mad and impossible to maintain unless you just go gun ho and only trade in a few players but thats far too risky.

    The others have been here longer and have proved around 10% is maintainable.

  • @Misto Thank You for that info and it would explain some of the things that are on my mind. In your opinion are the continued % returns likely to reduce and is there a point where the market will be saturated to the point where we have a slowing of investment.

  • @LuaLua 60% is not monthly I might add that is total over 18 months. IE £10k is now £16k. I had a break due to illness during this period so didn't get involved just left my account alone. If you calculate the % return a month , if my port had grown at just 5% a month it would be north of 25k by now. Most have quoted a return of 5% per month or more as their target return.

  • There are so many supermans here. I just got about 3% ROI per month on average, and that already makes me happy!

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