There's still ample time to hop on the David Brooks train.

  • In my opinion, David Brooks is an absolute must have on the index right now. Not only is he a very safe long term hold, at 21 years old, but he's sure to generate a large amount of transfer speculation, whether it's this Summer or over the course of the 19/20 season. Brooks is still relatively cheap compared to players like CHO, Greenwood and Phil Foden, who I believe he'll eclipse in quality pretty soon.
    It's not out of the question that Spurs or United make a swoop for him this summer, and I think there'll certainly be some other big clubs linked with him. Even if he doesn't make the move, the MB dividends are a bonus, as well as the given rise in price. In this situation, you could profit further off of the potential saga that follows during the season, only magnifying his class performances which are somewhat overlooked whilst he's still at Bournemouth.
    Of course, if there is a move to any top 6 club, he'll become one of the most valuable players on the index. I can't see a losing situation off of a Brooks investment at the moment (but for a serious injury, touch wood) as he sits at £1.55 and seems to be steadily increasing without too much speculation or media magnification so far. He will soon outgrow Bournemouth.
    Feel free to add, I'm open to why anyone may not be so convinced.

  • 7/10 for the pumping skills. Brooks is one of my fav players and I do own 400 … I've been disappointed by his recent PB tho - but MB will come as he is destined for the top. I think you've over egged it a bit... Being Welsh there are limits to his FI power... I think he is undervalued - but i'm aware his value is PB not MB in the long run, and needs to get in a better side where he can score more GWG.

  • @Jamie8

    All I'm seeing is if this & if that then he can only go one way pump pump pump - at 155 he's already 73rd most expensive player on index & of course if everything positive happens in his career (as you seem to think is almost certain) then he may well rise further.

    What if he gets injured or loses his form &/or place in the team?? I understand you hold him & are valiantly pumping him but sometimes it pays to more realistic & balanced about one of your players prospects. Looks a decent player but much of that is already in his price.

  • That's fair on the Welsh point, although I feel you've sold him further yourself, as his value is certainly in PB but MB is destined to come, short and long term. Certainly feel that if Foden and CHO around £3.50, Brooks will do too. Honestly wrote the original post as a Bournemouth fan, more than as a Brooks owner. The kid's special.

  • Cook is where it's at for Bournemouth. He'll be a big rise when fit.

    Edit: Lewis Cook that is

  • @stumac85 Agree with you there. England u21 captain for their WC win and always makes a huge difference for Bournemouth. Can see him breaching the senior England set up in the next few years if he stays fit, given the current lack of quality ball playing CM's

  • @NewUser159387 I understand your skepticism but I watch Bournemouth every week and the boy is different gravy. There's no chance of him losing his place in the Bournemouth side and what was so impressive about him is his seemingly ready-made Premier League quality in his 1st top flight season. Of course if he gets injured his price will fall, but what player isn't that true about? My observation was mainly that he's well suited to the climate the index is moving towards, and so a very safe but possibly lucrative hold.

  • I'm going to jump on the pumping train and as a none holder would suggest that David Brooks is a star footballer and one that WILL go on to bigger and better things than Bournemouth... Certainly see him at one of the 'bigger' clubs in the Premier League... Not sure if it will be this summer but a consistent season next term would certainly see some increased hype? Perhaps even sooner? Arsenal have one Welshman leaving... Brooks could certainly fill that void?

    The welsh thing does score negative.. the fact that he plays for Bournemoth probably does too... The PB scoring system probably doesn't suit his game either... BUT... there will be a time when the transfer rumours are rife and that is probably the time when I might just dip my toe in???

  • @Jamie8 true