• I bought him purely thinking about pb for next season, as I don't think Madrid really want rid of him, but he's risen 10p since I bought him 48 hours ago.

    Are people buying him for next season like myself? Or do you think he's rise is transfer related?

  • Both I think.

    Personally I got him for transfer links but everyone around him have risen so much he must be the cheapest highest scoring PB player on the index, Madrid have been shocking so it hasn’t really showcased this season.

  • I've said it before I think Pogba will go in the summer.

    Kroos is a very easy link as part exchange in a swop deal to Man Utd. I'm personally not in favour of it as a fan as I see it as a bit of a Schweinsteiger-like move for us Utd fans.

    But it certainly won't stop the press speculation around him.

  • Yea he is a great buy at his current value.

    Speculation all summer and wherever he ends up you don't need to sell as you have one of the best PB midfielders on the Index ready for the new season.

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