French Talent - A New Direction

  • Evening guys. Final pump for my latest blog post. Come and check out my latest strategy shift for the French port. I'm diving deep into a controversial trend!

  • Great article man! Just to be nosey, if you had to pick a top 5 out of your youth picks for your portfolio, who would they be? Based on potential. Again, amazing post

  • ahhaha took me till like halfway thru until i realised i was reading the exact same thing you posted earlier 🤦

  • Cracking read yet again bud nice to see tchouameni worked into your recent purchases. He's been rising nicely since we last spoke.

  • @Rhys-F Thanks bud! wow that’s a tough one! Off the top of my head I’d go:

    Aouar - We’ve only scratched the surface.
    Caqueret - Will play much more of a role for Lyon
    Cuisance - if given game time he’ll be awesome
    Maxime Lopez - so much potential
    Marcus Thuram - raw, but a beast. Big move this summer.

    There are so many though. The glory of Ligue 1 is that these youngsters get game time in a PB league from a young age plus many get European football too!

    Thanks for reading!

  • @LuaLua hahaha! Thanks again for reading again!

  • @Kaned-again Really like him. Shame about his injury. I still have a small concern about his PB suitability but he’s so talented he could shoulder a more advanced role. Also, his price will rise with a big move regardless!

  • @FIGenesis said in French Talent - A New Direction:

    Maxime Lopez

    thanks for this - i love your articles

    just looking at this list - most of them were on my radar but just wondered if you think any of these have a lower ceiling because of their position... Cuisance for example looks quite defensive??
    really like the look of Caqueret

  • Great article thanks

    I see you say Strasbourg are in Europe next season. Why’s that? From the cup? Do they have a lot of qualifying rounds to go through ? I hold a few players so interested.

  • @Indexical Racing Strasbourg won their third French League Cup title when they beat En Avant Guingamp 4-1 on penalties will play in the second qualifying round of the Europa League next season.

  • @NewUser297399 Hey bud thanks for reading. Glad you’re enjoying them! I actually think that Cuisance out of Lopez, Caqueret, Tchouameni etc is the most attacking by trade but can play in any CM role! I think Caqueret is like Maxime Lopez but with goals....imagine that! PB perfect...if he plays...

    As I said in the post I’m picking up a lot of these young players and especially the young midfielders for cap app reasons. Secondary to that is the fact that most play regularly in a PB league and could compete for divs on single or double days next season. The likes of Soumare, Sissoko and Tchouameni as examples.

  • @FIGenesis said in French Talent - A New Direction:


    the more time i spend on FI, the more i think the french league & french players are the best value for money...english/british youngsters are obviously great, but often have missed the boat - the french league is amazing for PB and often seem to play games on mondays/fridays... i think the french national time is gonna be up there for years to come, such a solid investment IMO

    i'll check out Cuisance again thanks

  • Another great read and insight to the next young generation! A lot of patients will be needed....

  • @NewUser297399 so true. The league is weak which offers strong players easier PB chances. Plus youngsters get plenty of game time. Def check out Cuisance. Superb player.

  • @Failtips thanks so much! You’re bang on. I’ve gone hard on the young players for many reasons. One key one not explained in the blog is that I’ve got a busy year or so ahead so won’t be able to trade so much. As you say patience will be required with the young players but it also means I can be a bit more passive as a trader! Plus France is stacked with young talent so I’m confident some of my picks will succeed!!

  • I've read a lot about Caqueret and he seems the most likely to come through as the next young star. Next season should definitely be his break through season. Definitely one too watch.

  • @FIGenesis said in French Talent - A New Direction:

    Evening guys. Final pump for my latest blog post. Come and check out my latest strategy shift for the French port. I'm diving deep into a controversial trend!

    Another interesting read. I agree Pogba is a tricky one. I hold 500 of him so far and he's currently -32p down (- £160). I'll keep him for the Media Days and especially the 2 month Media Madness. Fully expect him to regularly be among the top 5 MB listings. Come the new season, OGS seems confident he will stay so I'll watch carefully how his price goes.

    I hold 300 Mbappe and he's currently 84p in profit for me (+£252). He was over a pound in profit just last week (+£500). I think he will be the best player in the world after Messi and Ronaldo retire. But if he continues to fall nearer the £200 profit mark, I'll have to take the profit, but will not give up all my shares. I don't believe he will move this summer as he's said recently he wants to stay in France at least another year. So there won't be any MB from him in my current MB/PB league transfer focus port, but I have appreciation with him, so let's see!

    Savanier I flipped at a profit when creating my MB/transfer prospect port. He's a good PB winner so will definitely be getting back on him for the new season. Massengo was my wild future superstar punt. Flipped at a profit too in favour of the aforementioned MB/transfer port. I don't think he is going anywhere since he's only got into the Monaco side, so there won't be any MB from him. Another very cheap, low risk hold for next season.

    Pepe, is currently -2p down (100 shares). I definitely believe he is leaving as he's said it himself, so a must hold for MB in the summer. May even top up if he flies or continues to win MB dividends during that time.

  • @FIGenesis it’s not a bad thing being passive from FI. It’s very easy to chop and change the port all the time. I did it a lot in the early days myself. Now like yourself, I’ve invested a lot in youngsters. Just a waiting game.... good luck with it all.

  • @Pacer totally agree. Lyon fans have been desperate for him to play this season. It’s been one of many bugbears with Genesio that he’s not plagued him at all. Can’t wait to see what he can do next season!

  • @Failtips fingers crossed we’ll all be millionaires in three years!!

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