Bonus not received?? Blessing in disguise

  • I'm sure it's frustrating if you haven't received the bonus yet, but the odds of you reinvesting tells me that it's great for the traders still waiting, the most obvious players that people will want to purchase have dropped a lot today, tomorrow could be a great time to find amazing deals, believe me the typical summer MB prospects will shoot up again, you could be getting 5p 10p 20p or even more cut off the price from the traders that received at lunch today, use it to your advantage instead of complaining 😁🚀🚀🚀

  • never mind making profit by buying players on the slide

    lets get the legal wheels in motion.

    I remember waiting 90 days just to hear back from a car Ins company. They said its 30 days to reply, another 30 days after being prompted, then a further 30 days after a 2nd reminder.

    wonder how long this would take

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