Francis Benali

  • Not sure I’m anyone follows him on Twitter. Doing 7 full Ironman in 7 days!!!!

    Having done 1 and it broke me, I have no idea how he can push himself to do 7 in 7.

    Follow him on Twitter and see how he’s getting on. Amazing man. Nearly a million quid raised for cancer.

    On another note. A mate of mine did 10 in 10 and also managed a shag on day 7. 9 months later a decababy was born!

  • Just had 5000 shares in him... left back at Southampton.... good engine... feisty bugger though... get on him men!!!!!!!!!!

  • @dannypea this is the off topic room, where original posters usually talk to themselves.

    Stop it with the replies!!!!!!

    Loved watching him play, hard as nails.

  • I hadn't realised... i just press on the red button at the top which always seems to show me that i've got 100 messages to read.. and being a bit anal things like that i can't leave them until they all go away...

    There's a video on Youtube where Benali takes out John Fashanu with a straight red... Fashanu was 6ft2 and a black belt in Karate... Benali didn't give a f*ck... he just smashed him!!!!!

    Proper hard man!!!!

  • @Millerman He was talking about it on a bt sport live pl game a few weeks ago. Incredible, the guy is hardcore.
    He’s done it before or something similar. He said after 3 days he couldn’t make it to the khazi one night! Says the mind takes over when the body is broken and pulls him through. 50 years old too.
    I’m 33 and by definition of RHR, body fat etc. am classified as an athlete as his exploits absolutely stagger me.

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