Tiny amounts of spare cash

  • Hey,

    I have noticed that I have got into the habit that when I pick up a dividend and it's a small amount or if I have spare change from buying some futures in someone I want, I end up buying 1 or 2 shares in really cheap players. This morning had 16p and so bought 2 Ian smith's, a cost Rican right back in a non pb league!

    Did no research beforehand and so it's stupidity personified, but anyone else do this when they have some spare pennies left

  • @Moukoko Make that money work. Research and feel for potential always helps though

  • Plenty of players the sub 20p player post. Check out Federico Ricca 16p at Malaga. Good chance of a move to a PB league next season as 1 year left on contract.

  • I do this when i have left over change from buying other people. Usually use it to top up a player i already have.

  • I'm surprised I've managed to keep 2.88 in my account without spending it in 24 hours.

    Probably won't be long until I buy another 5 Matt O'Riley

  • I also do this.

    My flavour of the month is Tom Davies of Everton. Jump on in, and help make me rich, I have 32 of him at the moment lol.

  • I throw my spare change at my lowest price player in my portfolio. Currently Marco Benassi. There's no sense having it in my balance earning me nothing. lol

  • Yep me too , Vanaken for me. He’s gonna be a top player in a top league sooner or later👍

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